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Jorge Bonilla joins the Media Research Center as Director of MRC Latino, after serving for five years as a contributing analyst. Jorge is a former talk show host, has proudly served in the U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, served as a professional court interpreter, and is a former Republican candidate for Congress. However, the titles Jorge most cherishes are husband and father. Jorge, his wife Maggie and their two sons live in Central Florida.

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The nation’s main domestic Spanish-language networks have largely refused to pre-empt their evening newscasts in order to carry the daily White House press briefings on the Trump Administration’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic. At best, viewers receive piecemeal information that is filtered through the network’s own biases. At worst, viewers are exposed to outright fake news.

Univisión hizo un alto en sus reportes vespertinos sobre el coronavirus para dar espacio a una de sus políticas públicas imperecederas: su oposición a la segunda enmienda y a la posesión individual de armas de fuego. Pero durante su desahogo contra la posesión de armas con el coronavirus de trasfondo, también revelaron algo sobre sí mismos.

Si las encuestas acertaron, el senador socialista Bernie Sanders (I-VT) va rumbo a una rotunda derrota en las primarias presidenciales demócratas de Florida. Pero eso no impidió que la cadena noticiosa en español líder de la nación impulsara a Sanders hasta el triste final.

Mientras la crisis del coronavirus coloca mayor presión sobre la capacidad médica del país, Univisión sigue haciéndole el mandado a Planned Parenthood, sugiriendo que el aborto es un servicio ‘esencial’. 

As the coronavirus pandemic further strains the nation’s medical capabilities, Univision continues to carry Planned Parenthood’s water, suggesting that abortion is in fact an essential service. 

Here’s something you don’t see too often: a network news anchor quoting Scripture and citing her faith as something that she leans on during times of crisis. Check out the full post to read and see the full video as Univision’s María Antonieta Collins as she discussed faith and alcohol wipes with Jorge Ramos during the network’s 3:00 p.m. coronavirus newscast.

Univision broke from its afternoon coronavirus newscast and delivered on a longstanding policy item: opposition to the Second Amendment and to the private ownership of firearms. But in their coronavirus-themed rant against gun ownership, they also revealed something about themselves.

Our nation’s leading Spanish-language networks are not exempt from being susceptible to Chinese propaganda, as Telemundo has recently displayed. Read the full post and watch the embedded video as Telemundo’s news programming pushed three separate instances of Communist Chinese propaganda.

If polling is correct, then socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is on his way to a resounding defeat in Florida’s Democratic presidential primary. But that won’t stop the nation’s leading Spanish-language network from boosting Sanders to the bitter end.

Joe Biden’s rise from the ash heap to Democratic frontrunner, while remarkable unto itself, is also remarkable for the manner in which it exposed the nation’s domestic Spanish-language media’s agenda-driven journalism. The networks built a narrative which centered around making Bernie Sanders a “Latino” candidate with which to flex power and influence.

Univision’s coverage of Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s dangerous tirade against TWO sitting Associate Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States showcases simultaneous biases by omission and by commission- and abortion is the point of intersection.

La última edición de Al Punto, el programa dominical de asuntos políticos de Univisión, presentó un segmento donde la primera pregunta del principal defensor del "socialismo democrático" de la cadena fue sobre el controvertido apoyo del senador Bernie Sanders a las "brigadas de alfabetización" de la dictadura de Castro.

The latest edition of Univision’s Sunday political affairs show, Al Punto, featured a segment wherein the network’s chief apologist for “democratic socialism” asked his first question regarding Sen. Bernie Sanders’ controversial support for the Castro dictatorship’s “Literacy Brigades”.

Senator Bernie Sanders’ rise to Democratic primary frontrunner, fueled by significant Latino support en route to a smashing victory in the Nevada caucuses, prompts an examination of the role that the nation’s leading Spanish-language networks have had therein. 

Univision covered its own acquisition on its “Edicion Digital (Digital Edition)” noon newscast, following earlier reports that the beleaguered network had finally come to terms with a potential buyer. 

Was Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s inability to identify Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador a limited Latino-interest issue or a moment that warranted broader coverage as a campaign-defining “deer-in-the-headlights” gaffe? The liberal media, hamstrung by soft bigotry and blinded by double standards.

CNN En Español recently gave a master class in selective outrage, as displayed by their coverage of presidential pardons. One recent pardon was covered factually and neutrally. The other required an explainer and was bookended with an editorial crack at the issuing president. It’s not hard to guess which president drew bias and which did not.

Univision anchor and hot-take machine Enrique Acevedo is facing self-inflicted backlash over his dismissal of Florida Hispanics’ refusal to embrace Bernie Sanders as a result of being “manipulated.” It all started when The View contributor and CNN analyst Ana Navarro weighed in on the potential damage that a Sanders candidacy would inflict on the remainder of the Florida ballot, which is to say that she is not at all down with the Sandernista Revolution. Acevedo then decided to jump in with an unfortunate quote-tweet of his own: 

Univision anchor Jorge Ramos's interview with Vice President Joe Biden, broadcast on Facebook Watch ahead of the Nevada caucuses, was neither lengthy nor wide-ranging. However, the interview demonstrated that border enforcement of any kind is a non-starter with Univision’s senior anchor.

La edición más reciente de Al Punto, el semanario político de la cadena Univisión, presentó un segmento con hispanos pro-Trump. Para el presentador Jorge Ramos, fue mucho abarcar y poco apretar.