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Isaac Cross was born in Leominster, Massachusetts. He is a rising senior at Thomas Aquinas College where he is double majoring in Philosophy and Theology. This summer, in addition to interning with the MRC, Isaac is also taking part in the Intercollegiate Studies Institute Honors Program. As part of the program he will be attending a week long conference in Seabeck Washington in June and several other weekend conferences during the year to discuss politics from a philosophical standpoint. After completing his internship this summer, Isaac looks forward to working as a resident assistant for his college.

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Stephen Colbert not surprisingly has attempted to use his Catholic faith to make a political point, and unbeknownst to him, he failed at it. He was referring to the incidents at the border involving illegal immigrants and their children. Colbert called attention to how AG Jeff Sessions defended the government’s actions at the border with a quote from Romans.

According to the inverted moral order of the left, it’s horrific to take a child from its mother’s arms, but it’s okay to kill it in her womb.

Under the law, President Trump might be innocent until proven guilty, but that has not stopped the left from diagnosing him insane without a proper evaluation. On June 13th, the notoriously liberal news site, Salon, posted an interview with Dr. John Gartner discussing the state of President Trump’s mental health.

The best way for a boy to be a boy, is for him to be like a girl...or at least that’s the argument being made by some liberals. On June 11, The Atlantic posted a story written by author and writer Sarah Rich called “Today’s Masculinity Is Stifling.” In the article, after talking about her crossdressing son, Rich lamented society’s aversion to boys being feminine, and accused the culture, saying this attitude is a sign of misogynistic principles.

A pot of gold isn’t the only thing at the end of the rainbow. Google is there, as well. The No. 1 search company has found its own way to be part of Pride Month this year by partnering with three LGBTQ activist organizations.

The abortion-on-demand crowd is slowly losing the argument, and they’re tossing up every nonsensical argument they can think of in the hope that something will work.  

While young gun-control activists like David Hogg and Emma González are repeatedly praised by the liberal media, one truly remarkable hero of Parkland is Kyle Kashuv, who despite being lambasted, shunned, and rejected, is still fighting for pro-Second Amendment school violence prevention.

Isn’t it funny how the adjective “adult” in today’s world, instead of meaning mature, is a euphemism for lude, inappropriate, and sexually promiscuous?

It’s not every day you have an outspokenly God-loving Christian on America’s Got Talent (or any entertainment show for that matter). On top of that, imagine him getting the coveted golden buzzer that pushes him straight to the live rounds.

The LGBTQ movement tries to paint itself as the reasonable side of the discussion, but its confused, pugnacious arguments often manifest the opposite. On June 6th, The Daily Beast published an article by legal affairs columnist Jay Michaelson with the headline, “If Trump Won’t Proclaim Pride Month, Let’s Proclaim LGBT Rage Month Instead.” 

Once a victim, always a victim. Just like when you give a mouse a cookie, no matter how much ground the LGBTQ movement gains politically, it always finds a new way to be a target of discrimination.

Here’s a dilemma for liberals in the media: the only religion you ever actively defend is the only religion whose adherents toss gays off roofs. The very few attempts to reconcile these contradictory facts are generally as embarrassing as they are embarrassed.

In a time when comedians like Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee are under scrutiny for their insensitive jokes, it’s entertaining to hear a provocative comedian like Kathy Griffin moan about her right to free speech.

We just got girl Boy Scouts, and now J. Crew is flipping the switch to give us boy feminists.

A picture is worth a thousand nasty tweets. On Sunday, May 27th, Ivanka Trump posted a pleasant picture of herself with her son. Normal people wouldn’t find anything offensive in the photo. But normal people aren’t liberals like Halsey, Patton Oswalt, and other celebrities who denounced the picture as an “appalling,” “tone deaf,” “white privileged” photo shoot.