In a case of entertainment imitating entertainment, Arron Sorkin -- maker of the faux president series West Wing -- has hinted that he is soon to start development of another one of those behind-the-scenes TV shows, this one to be the goings on with a TV pundit show ala Keith Olbermann's Count Down spectacle on MSNBC. So says Entertainment Weekly this week at least.

So, what are we going to be subjected to? Another ponderous show where a lefty bleeding-heart host that is soooo "concerned" with the whole wide world? A salute to the "seriousness" of an Olbermann type? Or are we going to see the tale of a nearly insane, egomaniacal freak that terrorizes everyone with whom he works? If they are going for fantasy probably the former. Reality... who knows?

Tell me if this movie doesn't have "bomb" written all over it. First of all it is being written by Aaron Sorkin. Secondly it is being produced by George Clooney. Finally, the movie theme has BDS (Bush Derangement Syndrome) at its center. Is this not the perfect formula for yet another leftwing movie that is destined to die at the box office? How long before Hollywood finally figures out that such movies are always doomed to fail bigtime? 

The most recent such box office failure of a leftwing film is "Che" which so far has grossed a grand total of only a million bucks. Perhaps the producers knew in advance that this flick would be a bomb which is why it is already available on Pay-Per-View. Remember Oliver Stone's "W?" If you have forgotten it even existed, that is because it died a quick death at the box office immediately upon release last October.

Both of these movies suffered exactly the same fate as all the other leftwing movies produced in the past few years by Hollywood. "Redacted?" DEAD!  "Rendition?" DEAD! "Syriana?" DEAD! "Stop Loss?" DEAD!  And on and on and on it goes. So do you think Hollywood has finally learned its lesson? According to Variety, the answer is no: