‘Modern-Day Lynching:’ The 10 Worst Reactions to the Smollett Hoax

February 18th, 2019 5:10 PM
Jussie Smollett’s all but confirmed hate crime hoax provided a huge misstep for lefty journalists, celebrities and politicians, who were immediately ready to take his inconsistent story at face value and hit common Americans over the head with it. As soon as the Empire actor began peddling his bizarre story, the whole showbiz world came to his support, hysterically calling it evidence of a white…

Kavanaugh, Gender Injustice Gets Serena GQ's 'Champion of Year'

November 28th, 2018 7:00 AM
GQ's Jeanne Marie Laskas has declared Serena Williams ''Champion of the Year," basing the honor on a loss and an epic meltdown by Williams at the 2018 U.S. Open finals in September. In arguing that women are held to a higher standard for expressing anger, Williams' outburst is defended because she was robbed by a "stupid skinny white-boy," while Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's fiery…

What A24 Reveals About the Media/Hollywood Bubble

September 1st, 2018 2:30 PM
Last week, film critic Christian Toto wrote about an elitist liberal movie called First Reformed, which stared Ethan Hawke as a pastor allegedly preaching eco-terrorism. Toto wrote this in his DVD review about the sad, but not surprising film here. It's not exactly surprising since it comes from an arthouse film and television studio based in New York City and established in 2012 called A24 Films…

The Theory of Political Relative Relativity

August 16th, 2018 12:14 AM
It's quite simple: Some political relatives are more equal than others. Agenda-driven journalists love to exploit familial dysfunction when a prominent politician is conservative and his or her kinfolk espouse liberal views. When a vengeful offspring, sibling, cousin or distant relation wants to wreak havoc, instant fame and adoration are just a tweet or call away. The media schadenfreude over…

GQ's Magary Rips 'Grandstanding A-holes' Opposed to NFL Protest

August 3rd, 2018 10:00 AM
Gentlemen's Quarterly magazine gave up all pretense of being gentleman-like when it hired Keith Olbermann (who has since returned to ESPN) and the profane writer Drew Magary (see photograph). The latter is holding down the fort outrageously, as evidenced by a torrent of language not fit for men, women or children. On the day the NFL preseason opened with the annual Hall of Fame game in Canton,…

Marginalizing Melania

May 16th, 2018 5:24 PM
Need more evidence that there are two Americas? Here: Left-wing hatred of Melania Trump is inversely proportional to flyover admiration for the first lady. In just the last month, late-night clown Jimmy Kimmel mocked Trump's Slovenian accent, CNN contributor April Ryan attacked her as "not culturally American," former Hillary Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines derided her genteel presence at…

GQ Hits Racist/Sexist Books, EW Cheers Them On vs. 'Spew' of Angry Men

April 22nd, 2018 3:09 PM
GQ magazine attracted controversy with a pseudo-irreverent, provocative list in its May issue, "21 Books You Don't Have to Read Before You Die." The overarching tone is an ideology-first assault against the dreaded oeuvre of Dead (Racist/Sexist) White Males, with GQ gleefully ripping the reputation of books unjustly bolstered in the Western canon by white privilege, as a review of the piece in…

Media Go Nuts For Bernie’s Tweet Praising Rapper Cardi B’s Economics

April 19th, 2018 10:30 AM
Celebrity promotion of liberal views are predictable as death and taxes. But these days the media also take these opinions seriously, trying to turn absurdities into news. The latest example was the media frenzy over a Tweet from Sen. Bernie Sanders promoting 25 year old rapper Cardi B’s economic opinions. The rapper was already a fan of Sanders, having encouraged people to “Vote for Daddy Bernie…

GQ Waves Away Lefty Speech Squelching, Accuses Conservatives of Conjob

March 20th, 2018 5:33 PM
In “The Free Speech Grifters --Why are some of the biggest public intellectuals so fixated with a small minority of liberal college students?” GQ writer Mari Uyehara downplayed the ongoing attacks on free speech by radical left-wing groups against conservative campus speakers (and um, the ACLU?). The real enemy: Those cynical conservatives who evidently enjoy being silenced on campus and aren’t…

Alt-Left Insanity: It’s Christmas, So #Resist Trump with Cards, Gifts

December 21st, 2017 7:05 AM
Tree decorated? Check. Eggnog all fresh? Check. Cookies awaiting Santa? Check. Now all you have to do is resist Trump. Ho, ho, ho. That’s the attitude of The Establishment which delivered two separate anti-Trump Christmas stories this week. Because the alt-left proves how insane it is only on days ending in “Y.”

Flashback: 'Lion of the Senate' Ted Kennedy's Sex Antics Widely Known

November 17th, 2017 4:44 PM
The sudden condemnation of sexual harrassment by Democrats within their own ranks rings a bit hollow especially due to the suspicious timing. It now seems as more of a way for Democrats to go after President Donald Trump or Judge Roy Moore of Alabama rather than sincere disgust at the sexual antics of people such as former President Bill Clinton or Senator Al Franken. One glaring example proves…

Rabid Media Attack McHenry for Opposing Kaepernick's Citizenship Award

November 14th, 2017 7:10 PM
Conservative former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry has dared to criticize Colin Kaepernick, a sacred cow and darling icon of the Far Left, bringing down the wrath of "media Khan" upon herself. After she ripped GQ magazine for selecting the unwanted football free agent as "citizen of the year," left-stream media lost it and began hurling outrageous insults her way.

GQ Names Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year.’ Seriously.

November 13th, 2017 11:11 AM
GQ is, I guess, a men’s magazine. Or, it’s a magazine for men who like $1,600 leather tote bags and $200 velvet pants. Anyway, GQ clearly digs jerks. Why else would it give Keith Olbermann a web show? And why else would it put Colin Kaepernick on the cover as “Citizen of the Year?”

The Lib Enablers of Perv Photog Terry Richardson

October 26th, 2017 6:33 PM
If you wonder why Hollywood stayed so quiet so long about casting couch abuse behind closed doors, just look at how the entertainment industry enabled perverted sexual exploitation of women in front of the camera. Fashion magazine moguls at Conde Nast have now reportedly blacklisted soft-porn celebrity photographer Terry Richardson from working on shoots for Vogue, GQ and Glamour.