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Virtually every time a starting NFL quarterback gets injured or traded, the Kaepernick eruptions begin anew with his adoring media pack. You can set your clock to it. The Dolphins traded long-time starting QB Ryan Tannehill to Tennessee a few days ago, and ... sure enough, Kaepernick-loving media start chirping about how Miami is the ideal place for the America-hating social justice warrior to make his grand re-entrance into the National Football League.

Labeled a legendary Texas sportscaster, Dale Hansen of WFAA TV in Dallas has all the right progressive credentials to win this year's Radio Television Digital News Foundation (RTDNF) Lifetime Achievement Award. Hansen is lauded as a sportscaster who never stuck to sports, and now he joins Tom Brokaw, Christiane Amanpour, Charlie Rose, Bob Schieffer and others as winners of the award. During his acceptance speech Wednesday, Hansen refuted President Donald Trump's assertion that the press is the enemy of the people.

What do the white, female mayor of a Hallmark program's fictional Town of Hope Valley and Duke basketball sensation Zion Williamson have to do with one another? Actress Lori Loughlin, who stars in the popular TV program "When Calls the Heart," has been implicated (with others) in a college admissions bribery scandal, and Williamson is not getting any of the Blue Devils' $34 million in basketball revenue. TIME magazine senior writer Sean Gregory says the scandal is connected to a bad odor polluting college sports.

Concluding an 11-part series on what it would change in sports, USA Today is calling for an end to the playing of the national anthem at sporting events. Columnist Nancy Armour called the pregame renditions of the Star Spangled Banner a "lazy excuse for patriotism" and a "faux display of national pride better suited for countries run by dictators or despots."

NFL social justice warrior (SJW) Michael Bennett's impending trade to the New England Patriots renewed the debate Tuesday over national anthem protests. The former Seahawk, soon-to-be former Eagle and outspoken SJW told the Patriots he will remain in the locker room during the playing of the Star Spangled Banner. This prompted a debate between ESPN First Take's Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman on whether or not this is a big deal.

An opinion piece by USA Today concludes that America does not need Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban entertaining any ideas about the presidency. Because he's too much like you know who: Donald John Trump. This is from the paper's editorial board or a political writer? No, it's the opinion of sports columnist Nancy Armour.

Progressive agendas used to be confined to the news and opinion pages of print and electronic media. Now they're spilling over onto the sports pages. Case in point: today's Washington Post sports section includes a lengthy feature story as part of a "Game Changer" series pushing the climate change agenda.

To help us sort out the tumult caused by a recent outbreak of "transphobia," The Nation's radical lefty sports editor Dave Zirin and a biology-challenged cast of woke "gender experts" are disparaging opponents of the growing transgender movement in sports. And it's quite a fine gender bending mess they've made. They claim that confused, angry cis-genders are spreading misinformation about what it means to be trans and how "sexed bodies" operate in the world.

Each year the Super Bowl features numerous side events, and last month's SB 53 in Atlanta included one designed to combat the so-called "problem" of sports providing a "homophobic space." "Don't-Stick-To-Sports-Illustrated" writer Jenny Vrentas tells us how this came down in her story, "NFL, the Queer Community and the Quiet Path to Acceptance".

In a Sunday post on her personal website, Martina Navritilova addressed the issue of male transgenders in women's sports for the second time this year. And for the second time, her comments drew outrage from LGBT mouthpieces — including a comparison to Nazis and Joseph Goebbels, by Outsports writer Dawn Ennis.

Jerry Thornton is a New England Patriots' beat writer for the Barstool Sports blog and claims to be a staunch defender of quarterback Tom Brady, Coach Bill Belichick and "all things Patriots." The blog has been accused of sexual harassment and misogyny, so it's not surprising that Thornton would excuse away the recent arrest of team owner Robert Kraft on the charge of soliciting sex. Thornton's fall guy is team chaplain Jack Easterby, who is reportedly leaving the team because of the owner's behavior.

On Wednesday, the transgenders in sports debate moved to the Fox Sports 1 television studio, where Jason Whitlock discussed the controversy with former NFL players Marcellus Wiley and Mark Schlereth and former NBA player Jim Jackson. Wiley called allowing males to compete against females a "sports integrity issue," and Schlereth said it's a matter of unfairness. Retired tennis legend Martina Navratilova said as much in a recent Times of London op-ed, and she is now public enemy No. 1 in the LGBT world.

As NBC's departed PC legend and opponent of Indian nicknames Bob Costas fades into the sunset, the network's baseball writer Craig Calcaterra promptly renews his attack on Indian nicknames and imagery in sports. 

It's not just "toxic" masculinity that's under attack now. Masculinity in general is under assault from would-be social engineers like USA Today sports columnist Christine Brennan. On Tuesday, she complained that young gentleman who refused to wrestle girls at the Colorado state high school wrestling tournament need to accept the intrusion of girls into male sports and join the 21st century.

It's indoor track and field season in America's cold-weather climates, and in Connecticut, it's another opportunity for boys identifying as girls to dominate the sprints in state competition. Just as they have in past outdoor seasons. With their bigger muscles, Terry Miller and Andraya Yearwood (appearing in file photo) finished 1-2 in the 55-meter sprint, dusting the real girls and reigniting the debate about the claims of unfairness that retired tennis star Martina Navratilova got pilloried for recently.

Believers of basic biology, take note: Mack Beggs was born a girl, but her revised birth certificate has transformed her into a "man." There's nothing anyone can do about that either, gloats Outsports' Cyd Zeigler, a bulldog for the gender-fluid LGBT movement.

Raining down hard on Colin Kaepernick and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, the New York Post's Phil Mushnick is bucking the trend by media liberals to patronize the radical social justice warrior who "gamed" the NFL leader. Mushnick stiff-arms Goodell and Kaepernick for essentially spoiling the pro football experience for so many Americans.

Is it not common for men to razz each other a bit now and then? Though it would be hard to convince Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of this, a little good-natured ribbing never harmed anybody. Abdul-Jabbar took offense to Captain Lee Rosbach, of the Bravo reality show Below Deck, for razzing his crew members in a recent program. Abdul-Jabbar extrapolated that Rosbach's remarks represent Hollywood's "myth of manliness" and the gender-bias equivalent of white people appearing in blackface.

California is the poster state for illegal immigration and sanctuary cities. So while some of the locals saw it as novel and humorous when fans wearing President Donald Trump and border wall shirts showed up at a Sacramento Kings NBA game Friday night, it was red meat for media who scrutinized the messages as potentially obscene.

Monday was the first chance for ESPN First Take debaters Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman to weigh in on Friday's NFL settlement with former player Colin Kaepernick, who, along with Eric Reid, had sued on the grounds of collusion to keep them out of the league for kneeling. Both First Take commentators have consistently defended Kaepernick's social justice cause, but on Monday Kellerman said Kaepernick can claim victory and Smith disputed that.