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GQ is, I guess, a men’s magazine. Or, it’s a magazine for men who like $1,600 leather tote bags and $200 velvet pants. Anyway, GQ clearly digs jerks. Why else would it give Keith Olbermann a web show? And why else would it put Colin Kaepernick on the cover as “Citizen of the Year?”

Back in May, Juju Chang of ABC’s 20/20 revisited the case of Daniel Holtzclaw, a former Oklahoma City police officer, convicted in 2015 of 18 counts of sexual assault-related crimes. Holtzclaw’s alleged victims were eight black women and, as the investigation unfolded in the 2014 “summer of Ferguson,” his case became a focus of the Black Lives Matter movement and racial turmoil in general. Indeed, Holtzclaw’s televised tears as his verdict was read were greeted with triumphant spite from the left. Holtzclaw always maintained his innocence and has filed an appeal.