NYT's Blow: Every Time Bachmann Said 'As President of the United States' Thursday 'I Blacked Out'

August 13th, 2011 11:42 AM

"I must confess that every time Representative Michele Bachmann uttered the phrase 'as president of the United States' during Thursday's Republican presidential debate I blacked out a little bit, so I'm sure that I missed some things."

So actually began a piece by New York Times columnist Charles Blow Saturday:

But one thing that I didn't miss was the moment when all the candidates raised their hands, confirming that they felt so strongly about not raising taxes that they would all walk away from a hypothetical deficit-reduction deal that was as extreme as 10 parts spending cuts to one part tax increases.

That moment should tell every voter in America everything about this current crop of Know-Nothings -- no person who would take such a stance is fit to be president of the United States or any developed country.

Really? Doesn't that make Barack Obama unfit as president?

The first bill passed under his new administration was the stimulus plan. Not one House Republican voted for it.

Did that represent compromise?

Two months later, his 2010 budget passed without one Republican voting for it in either the House or the Senate.

Did that represent compromise?

Seven months after that, his healthcare reform bill passed - on Christmas Eve, mind you! - with only one Republican vote of "Aye."

Did that represent compromise?

The reality is that prior to the Republican victory in November 2010, Barack Obama's entire agenda was largely enacted with the exclusive support of Democrats. There was no grand compromise in this current president until last December's budget agreement.

Such intransigence didn't bother folks like Blow when it was their agenda being forced down the throats of the American people with little to no bipartisan support.

Quite the contrary, the typical complaint from the Left has been that Obama wasn't forceful enough on imposing their wishes on the citizenry irrespective of conservative opinion.

Now that Republicans are finally showing some backbone, people like Blow and his dishonest colleagues are crying foul.

This is of course not surprising, for compromise to a liberal means a conservative giving in to Democrat demands.

Such is never tolerated when it's going the other way.