Krugman Shows Why Liberals Think Economy Is Lousy

November 21st, 2007 5:40 PM

For years one of the great unanswered questions along Main and Wall streets has been why, in the midst of 24 consecutive quarters of uninterrupted growth, polls have regularly found Americans sour about the economy.

On Tuesday, a battle between the New York Times liberal economics columnist Paul Krugman and WOR radio's Steve Malzberg offered a clue.

In fact, after 16 minutes of sparring on subjects from healthcare to the Iraq war, a truly inconvenient truth became evident concerning the left's continued bearishness since the economy emerged from recession in the fourth quarter of 2001: too many folks listen to people like Krugman.

As a perfect illustration of just how separated this man, and anybody who reads him, are from reality, when Malzberg asked Krugman where he'd seek medical treatment if he was really ill, the Times columnist said (16 minute long audio link available here): "France."

I kid you not.

Of course, this shouldn't surprise anyone, for moments earlier, Krugman stated: "If you think that the government, it's an appropriate responsibility of the government to guarantee healthcare to every American then you're a liberal."

Need I say more?

With this in mind, I highly recommend listening to the entire clip, for you'll understand perfectly why Tom DeLay wants to slap this guy.