MRC's Tim Graham: Media Avoid Pope Talking Abortion, Persecution

September 25th, 2015 11:57 PM

NewsBusters Executive Editor Tim Graham appeared Friday night on The Steve Malzberg Show on Newsmax TV to discuss the Pope and President Obama.

First they discussed the U.S. News website trying to argue the pope “echoed” Obama in attacking Christianity in his speech to Congress. That wasn’t true, Graham said, but:

GRAHAM: There was a lot of conservatives who heard these words yesterday and thought “Wow, it could be so much stronger. Wow, you could be so much stronger on Planned Parenthood. Wow you could be so much stronger, you know, yes, the way Christians are being persecuted in Muslim countries. I don’t think the Pope has been weak on that. It’s a question of what does he say in this forum [in Congress]? Because our media does not pay attention to Pope Francis when he speaks on those issues. And even when he says it here, they’re going to edit it out, most likely.

During his Sunday appearance on Reliable Sources, Malzberg declared CNN sliced the word “radical” out of modifying “Muslims” in Donald Trump’s soundbites before host Brian Stelter hounded Malzberg about how every journalist needs to remind the public Obama is a Christian. Graham mocked how CNN is still doing polls about Obama’s birthplace and religion:

GRAHAM: I think and accurate answer is ‘No religion.’  I honestly think from looking at his record, his upbringing – he’s been very clear that his parents were atheists. Yes, he went to Reverend Wright’s church, but you know what? He’s never been, there’s been no trouble for him on that since that one outbreak in March of ‘08, because I think the media really honestly believes ‘Well, he was never a Reverend Wright guy. He was just doing that for politics.’