Michael Moore's Irrational Reasoning: White Gun Owners Racist, But Understandable They're Not Afraid Of White Neighbors

Call it Michael Moore's Jesse Jackson moment . . . Jackson once famously said that when he walked down the street and heard footsteps behind him, he was relieved to turn around and find a white person behind him.

This evening, on Ed Schultz's soon-to-be-extinct weeknight MSNBC show, a histrionic Michael Moore accused white gun owners of racism . . . then proceeded to say it was reasonable for them not to be afraid of their white neighbors  . . . and admitted he felt more comfortable walking down the streets of Toronto than Detroit. View the video after the jump.

Moore tried to explain things in terms of the bigger welfare states that exist in countries like Canada and France.  But wasn't he also admitting that the concerns of gun owners, and others, are anything but irrational or racist?

I'll be back with the transcript.

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