Velshi Mourns The Demise Of 'Useful Committees' As GOP Takes Control

January 21st, 2023 12:05 PM

For his Saturday show, MSNBC’s Ali Velshi began by lamenting that McCarthyism is coming back to the House of Representatives as Republicans take control and that the era of “useful committees” is over, or at least temporarily over.


MSNBC's 'Racial Healing' Town Hall Hypes Divisive 1619 Project

January 18th, 2023 11:33 AM

On Tuesday, MSNBC held something they advertised as a racial healing town hall, but there wasn’t a lot of healing going on as moderators and guests attacked conservatives while pushing the bitterly divisive 1619 Project.

Alencia Johnson Katie Phang Susan Del Percio MSNBC The Katie Phang Show 1-14-23

EVEN Far-Left Weekend MSNBC Warns Docs Could Be 2024 Problem for Biden

January 14th, 2023 8:39 PM

On her MSNBC show, Katie Phang wonders whether Biden's classified documnets situation represents a problem for his 2024 plans. MSNBC analyst Susan Del Percio says that although Biden's docs situation is very different from that of Donald Trump, as a political matter it could be a big problem for Biden. She puts it at a 7/8 on a 10 scale. 

Kevin McCarthy Charlie Sykes, 1-8-23

MSNBC's Bulwark Snark: McCarthy Has 'Self-Gelded His Speakership'

January 9th, 2023 7:56 AM

On Jonathan Capehart's Sunday Show on MSNBC, Charlie Sykes, founder of The Bulwark and an MSNBC columnist, saying that as a result of the concessions he made to holdouts in order to get the gavel, Kevin McCarthy has "self-gelded his speakership."

David Jolly Katie Phang Fernand Amandi MSNBC The Katie Phang Show 1-7-23

MSNBC: Probe Of FBI Abuses 'Heroin In Veins of Fox News Viewers'

January 7th, 2023 5:07 PM

On Katie Phang's MSNBC show, ex-Republican congressman turned MSNBC analyst David Jolly says that House investigations into abuses by the FBI and CIA will be "heroin in the veins of Fox News viewers."


MSNBC Already Hyping Future Speaker Jeffries

January 7th, 2023 12:00 PM

Kevin McCarthy hadn’t even been Speaker for eight hours when MSNBC’s Ali Velshi welcomed Washington Post national politics reporter Eugene Scott onto his Saturday show eagerly anticipate his replacement by new minority leader and noted election denier Hakeem Jeffries.


Meacham Alleges Republicans Oppose The Declaration Of Independence

January 6th, 2023 11:28 AM

MSNBC historian Jon Meacham took his overly solemn and pretentious analysis to Friday’s Morning Joe to accuse the Republican Party of not believing in the principles laid out in the Declaration of Independence amidst the anniversary of January 6 and the Speaker election drama.

Wajahat Ali MSNBC Velshi 12-31-22

MSNBC Fantasizes DeSantis Assassinating Trump, Brutus-Caesar Style

December 31st, 2022 6:05 PM

On MSNBC's Velshi show, Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali said that although Trump isn't the same candidate he was in 2016 or 2020, "MAGA just isn't into" Ron DeSantis. "I'll believe it when I see it, right? I'll believe it when Brutus actually takes out Julius Caesar." For those not up on their Roman history, Brutus stabbed Caesar to death.


Adieu to 2022: Here’s the Ten Most-Read NewsBusters Blogs of the Year

December 31st, 2022 11:50 AM

With only a few hardened leftists stuck on COVID-19, 2022 represented a year in which more Americans moved on and, thankfully for the team at NewsBusters, the liberal media continued to provide us plenty of content. For our top ten most-read blogs of the year, the topics included Biden’s mental state, the free state of Florida, Hollywood elitism, and Ukraine. For this year, the News Analysis…

David Brock MSNBC The Sunday Show With Jonathan Capehart 12/11/22

Dem Operative on MSNBC: I'll Dish Dirt On Republicans Probing Hunter

December 11th, 2022 5:27 PM

On Jonathan Capehart's MSNBC Sunday show, Democrat slime merchant David Brock says that he is leading a "counter-offensive" against the Republican House committee investigation of Hunter Biden's influence peddling, and its possible connections with Joe Biden. Brock vows to "expose" some of the Republicans on the committee.


MSNBC: Conservatives Setting 'Conditions For Stochastic Terrorism'

December 10th, 2022 3:07 PM

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi somehow managed to hit a new low on his Saturday show as he accused mainstream conservatives of creating an environment for terrorism against transgender individuals.


Collins Declares GOP Podcasters Agree With Kanye's Anti-Semitism

December 2nd, 2022 12:54 PM

On Friday’s MSNBC Reports reporter Ben Collins responded to Kanye West’s Thursday anti-Semitic diatribe by warning that “Republican podcast circles” may not go as far as he did, but support “those same talking points.” Such an incendiary claim requires solid evidence, but none was forthcoming.


Ex-Al Jazeera Journo Compares Europeans, U.S. Conservatives To Qatar

November 22nd, 2022 11:49 AM

Qatar may have prepared for the World Cup with slave labor, but MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin used his Saturday show to say that people should be careful when criticizing them because of the existence of the European migrant crisis and conservatives in the U.S. being pro-life, don’t want sexualized curriculum for elementary students.

Yasmin Vossoughian Brandy Zadrozny MSNBC 11-19-22

MSNBC Anchor Wishcasts for 'the Beginning of the End of Twitter'

November 20th, 2022 6:49 AM

Hosting the 10 am Saturday morning hour on MSNBC formerly occupied by the fired Tiffany Cross, Yasmin Vossoughian says of Twitter under Elon Musk, "I can't help but keep thinking, this is kind of the beginning of the end of Twitter." Her guest, MSNBC reporter Brandy Brandy Zadrozny, adds: "It seems destined to fail from a technical standpoint."