Facebook Show Calls Christians 'Bullies,' 'Persecuting Everyone Else'

December 17th, 2018 12:38 AM

According Facebook Watch’s fictional streaming show Queen America, refusing to design a wedding cake for a gay wedding is equivalent to bullying and Christians are bigots.

In the 7th episode, titled "The National Anthem," that was released on Sunday, Miss Oklahoma Samantha Cole (Belle Shouse) goes before the pageant review board. Rick Bishop (Alexander England), one of the board members, asks Samantha her opinion on "Jack Clarkson," a baker who refused to bake a same-sex wedding cake that sounds eerily similar to Jack Phillips.



Rick - In 2012, Jack Clarkson decline to design a wedding cake for a gay couple who entered his bakery, on the grounds that his Christian faith prohibited him for crafting cakes for same-sex marriages. What is your position on businesses being allowed to refuse service based on their religious beliefs?

Samantha - Thank you, everyone, for the opportunity to talk about this. If I’m crowned Miss America Starred and Striped United States, these are the kind of issues I want to shed light on. I believe that we should treat others, as we’d like to be treated. These are Christian beliefs. But I think people who hide behind faith to discriminate against others is the opposite of a good Christian, regardless of any Bible verses. If you think about it, these so-called Christians are like bullies. They’re bullying the gays who just want to eat cake at their weddings. I mean, for a group that acts like a persecuted minority, a lot of Christians do a good job of persecuting everyone else.

But isn’t it bullying to intentionally go to a Christian bakery for your same-sex wedding cake when there are plenty of other bakeries that are more than willing to bake your cake? We fortunately live in a capitalist society where you can get a cake at more than one bakery.

Catherine Zeta Jones, her pageant coach, is not happy with her controversial performance and her hair and makeup stylist, Nigel, a gay man, explains to Samantha, "You just attacked Christians."

"I did not," Samantha protests, "I attacked bigots!"

Of course, we know that for most of Hollywood, Christians and bigots are one and the same.