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Rachel currently works as a TV Blogger for Media Research Center. She is a 2016 graduate of John Paul the Great Catholic University where she majored in Communications Media.

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Wednesday’s episode of ABC's Modern Family showcases the outrageousness of safe spaces and sensitivity.

The 52nd Annual Country Music Association Awards were a breath of fresh air when it comes to leftist political propaganda because, unlike most award shows lately, there wasn't any.

Hollywood loves to lecture us on gun control but their shows are littered with violence, even normalizing school shootings and murder. This fall tv season has been no different with many shows showcasing gun violence while at the same time preaching gun control. Here are a few examples:

Gender neutral bathrooms get a spotlight in Wednesday’s It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, titled "The Gang Solves the Bathroom Problem." The left loves the idea of gender neutral bathrooms, disregarding the safety and privacy of women. It's Always Sunny highlights all of the liberal left's talking points, illustrating them to absurdity but then ultimately coming down on the side of letting people choose which bathroom they want to use.

#MeToo is the major theme in Showtime's newest episode of Shameless, titled "Black-Haired Ginger," and men get a brutal tongue lashing.  

Guys in "Make America Great Again" hats chase down self-proclaimed ‘Gay Jesus’ in this Sunday's episode of Shameless on Showtime titled "Do Right, Vote White!"

It’s become surprising when a network show portrays Christianity and religion in a somewhat positive light. The pilot episode of CBS’s new show, God Friended Me, does this and actually encourages some productive conversation between Christians and atheists.

In Wednesday's episode, "The Gang Beats Boggs: Ladies Reboot," the women of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia do the Wade Boggs Challenge of drinking 70 beers on a cross-country flight. The twist is that they go on an all-female flight (except for one male attendant) to California for the Women’s March, complete with pussy hats and feminist jargon.

Besides gay rights, Shameless, Showtime’s hit liberal show, has yet another social justice cause to champion. This time it's equal pay.

The USA Network show The Purge, based off the horror movie franchise of the same title, can never be accused of subtlety. It continues to push a liberal agenda in the second episode, this time blaming small government for the Purge.

Shameless, the hit Showtime series, has had its fair share of Christian bashing throughout the years. Perhaps most notably last season when Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), went up against a pastor, cherry-picking Bible verses to fit his agenda and started his own ‘Church of Gay Jesus’ religious movement. In the season 9 premiere, Ian is back, this time fighting for gay rights while quoting Jesus from jail.

USA Network introduced a future, dystopian United States in The Purge on Tuesday, where for one night a year “any and all crimes--including murder--is legal.”

In June 2017, during the very public case against Jack Phillips, the owner of Masterpiece Cake Shop who politely declined making a wedding cake for a gay couple, transgender lawyer Autumn Scardina asked the baker for a cake to “mark the anniversary of her gender transition.” Unsurprisingly, Phillips declined. Samantha Allen of The Daily Beast called Phillips’ refusal to bake the cake “spurious.”

The environmentalists’ drive to limit plastic usage could impact your next celebration. After launching a crusade and petitions to ban plastic straws (harming disabled people who actually require them), environmentalists aren’t content to stop there. As cities and companies are starting to banish plastic straws there are “signs balloons will be among the products to get more scrutiny,” although they only account for “a very small part of environmental pollution” Associated Press reported on Aug. 15.

What started as a harmless place for teenage girls to learn how to straighten hair, apply makeup and style a dress has transformed into a parent’s nightmare. Teen girls’  magazines are loading  their pages with left-wing propaganda and questionable sex advice.

You can’t just clock in and focus on your job anymore, identity politics now dictates how you introduce yourself to a room of colleagues. Julia Carpenter, CNN Money writer specializing in gender in the workplace, listed ways to avoid accidentally misgendering a coworker

The New York Times estimates transgender people make up, “0.6 percent of the adult population.” This doesn’t stop activists from bashing Hollywood for not catering to them. GLAAD and 5050by2020, led by Jill Soloway, creator of Transparent, an Amazon series starring a man playing a transgender woman, got “four dozen production companies, talent agencies, film studios, and advocacy groups” to show their “support for expanded LGBTQ representation." 

Poor Anne Frank -- persecuted and murdered by the Nazis and now trivialized by progressives. The left has been pushing the narrative that ICE agents are equivalent of Nazis and now, for three weeks in an LA theatre, you can watch a play that drives home the point, at the expense of the millions of Jews and others who were systematically murdered by the Third Reich.

Does Melania Trump garden? Do you care if she does? What about how she dresses when she gardens or pretends to? Slate contributing writer Heather Schwedel sure seems to, and she went full “Mean Girl” on FLOTUS.

It’s refreshing to see a member of the Hollywood elite who decides to stay out of politics but instead focus on entertainment. The liberal media, however, this is akin to heresy. Kim Kardashian discussed her meeting with Donald Trump in May that lead to the release of Alice Maria Johnson on Jimmy Kimmel.