Sports Illustrated, Woke Athletes Demand NCAA Punish ‘Anti-Trans’ States

June 23rd, 2021 5:55 PM

Male advantages over womenThis spring when red states were legislating against male intrusions on women’s sports, the NCAA threatened to withdraw postseason events from them. LGBT activists smelled blood in the water as they envisioned conservative states losing postseason competitions and tons of tourist dollars, but so far, they've been disappointed.

In April, the NCAA Board of Governors said it “firmly and unequivocally supports the opportunity for transgender student-athletes to compete in college sports.” Since then, it has not followed through on its threats even though laws banning trans athletes in six states take effect next month -- contradicting woke NCAA policy allowing men who underwent hormone replacement surgery to compete as “women.”

Trans and “nonbinary” athletes wrote to the NCAA in protest of softball tournaments scheduled in some of those very states. They pressed the NCAA to pull tournaments out of these states and to “keep trans athletes safe.” The NCAA responded, “We are also concerned with the laws in several states and are tracking them and their pending effective dates closely.”

Now the LGBT activists and Sports Illustrated are demanding an accounting from the NCAA. They’re incensed that the NCAA isn’t following through on its threats and doesn’t have their backs. SI’s Julie Kliegman is taking on the fight for them, demanding answers, too.

Kliegman’s allegiance to the whiny woke mob is unveiled:

“The science around trans athletes is slim and unsettled—it has not been proved that trans girls and women, who at higher levels of competition are required to go through hormone therapy, retain any advantage over their cisgender peers.”

Outside of Connecticut, there is hardly any controversy over trans athletes’ participation in sports, says Kliegman, who isn’t up on biology, science or the outrage over male Chelsea Wolfe making the Olympic women’s BMX team.

Sports Illustrated cites an anonymous college track and field athlete from New England (who sounds a lot like trans Olympic hopeful Cece Telfer) calling softball tournament sites in red states Alabama, Arkansas and Tennessee “toxic.”

This whole thing is just a wedge issue for Republicans from the top down, Kliegman swears. Not a matter of fairness for females disadvantaged by bigger, stronger males.

“It does not feel like [the NCAA has] done a whole lot. A lot of these statements feel like they’re full of hot air,” wails Washington University runner Aliya Schenck.

By not punishing the states in question, the NCAA is not recognizing discrimination when it sees it, says C.J. Johnson, a former field hockey player at Earlham College:

"It feels like we’re being erased. It almost feels like you’re being backstabbed, because it’s like you commit yourself to this organization and you absolutely love it. You put your heart and your soul into sports, right? And then they just make decisions that backstab your people, your identity, your community.”

SI’s story gets even wackier as Kliegman relates how the extremely gender-confused Jordan Keesler, a former softball player at Agnes Scott College, would have quit the team during “their” career if transgenders were not allowed to play on women’s teams in certain states. “They” already found sharing bus trips to road games with a certain female teammate “violent and threatening.”

Woke athletes are not giving up the battle. They’re plotting to "ratchet up pressure on their school administrations and conference heads" by boycotting competition in states with trans bans in place this fall.