The very vanguard of the far Left is reacting bitterly today to the NFL's new policy banning football players from disrespectfully kneeling during the national anthem. Editorialists for The New York Times and The Washington Post, as well as USA Today, acted as if the hated Republican Party had just taken over the NFL in their denunciations, and the ACLU condemned the NFL's actions as "un-American."

There's no crying in baseball and no more kneeling in football! Today's news that the NFL will disallow on-field player protests during the national anthem is drawing fiery responses from some in the media, none more so than USA Today's Dave Birkett. His comments that the league's decision smells of "a military state" rank No. 1 on our list of the most unhinged media reactions.

Three months after his over-hyped, less-than-extraordinary Winter Olympic performances in South Korea, Adam Rippon's media cheerleaders are using his victory on "Dancing with the Stars" to expand his persona to legendary status. The Washington Post's Jacob Bogage raved about Rippon's electric performance on the dance floor and also declared him a culture war winner over Vice-president Mike Pence.

Yahoo! Sports and the NHL's Nashville Predators are not sticking to sports or political neutrality. The pro hockey team has publicly endorsed a Democrat candidate for mayor in Nashville, and that clapping sound you hear comes from Yahoo! Sports' Jay Busbee, who endorsed the team for doing so—while other media are criticizing the team's partisanship.

A year of failure, suspension and demotion is all it takes to win a journalist of the year award——if you're Jemele Hill and you very publicly called the Republican president of the United States a "white supremacist." For this and other less-than-stellar "accomplishments" in 2017, Hill is the winner of the Journalist of the Year award in 2018 for the National Association of Black Journalists.

This week ESPN talk show host Bomani Jones had a conversation with GQ magazine interviewer Eve Ewing about America's struggle to reconcile a love of sports with its hatred for blacks. Ewing set the stage for the discussion by pointing out that "the sports arena is the place where America has been trained for centuries to fear and loathe the black body."

The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles will celebrate their NFL title during a June 5 visit with President Donald Trump. These visits were seen by media as joyous occasions when Democrats, like sports junkie Barack Obama, were in office. But now they view the visits as something like a road game before a hostile audience for the teams coming to Washington.

Jimmy Traina attended this week's "ESPN Upfronts" event in Manhattan. The liberally slanted Sports Illustrated author of the "Extra Mustard" column described it as an opportunity for ESPN "to get companies to spend money on their shows." In his recap of the Upfront, he ridiculed the notion that ESPN has a liberal bias.

The Minnesota Vikings have gone full circle from the "Purple People Eaters," the nickname of their brutal defensive front line of the 1960s, to champion the colors of the rainbow. Zach Pereles of Yahoo! Sports relates how the Vikings allowed a has-been former punter to figuratively "blackmail" them into settling a dispute by promising to host an LGBTQ summit at their Eagan, Minnesota headquarters June 21.

In the current era of protesting, woke, social justice warrior-athletes, the media deride NFL owners who oppose them as out-of-touch "white billionaires." However, today many in the sports media are making an exception to that narrative with the arrival of David Tepper, the white billionaire hedge fund manager and new owner of the Carolina Panthers. He's earning a hero's welcome with his history of anti-Trump tirades.

It's no wonder we're being barraged by white guilt and black angst from the nation's sports media. According to the 2018 Associated Press Sports Editors (APSE) Racial and Gender Report Card, most of the people working in sports media are white men, and the New York Daily News' Carron J. Phillips is none too pleased about this revelation. For him, sports media has more to do with the race of the reporter and less to do with the reporter of the race.

Instead of assigning a sports writer to do a review of Howard Bryant's book, The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism, the New York Times allowed him to write an editorial spewing his hatred for patriotism, the flag, the military and law enforcement. Bryant says it's the marriage of these ideals with sporting events that is dividing America, not protesting, disrespectful athletes.