Female Track Athletes Sue Connecticut Over Transgender Policy

October 3rd, 2022 12:07 PM

Four female track athletes are renewing their suit against the state of Connecticut for allowing transgendered females to compete in women’s sports.

California High School Bans 'Thin Blue Line' Flag From Football Games

October 3rd, 2022 9:29 AM

Wokeness comes for a high school football team.


Maher Labels Democrats As 'The Party Of No Common Sense'

October 1st, 2022 12:20 PM

HBO Real Time host Bill Maher continued to call out the anti-scientific and excessively woke Democratic Party on Friday as he labeled the party “the party of no common sense” for thinking that separating sports by sex is problematic.

NBA's Joel Embiid Becomes American Citizen, Calls It A 'Blessing'

September 30th, 2022 11:34 AM

Welcome to the American family, Joel Embiid.

Woke Mob Targets Nebraska Punter For Supporting New PM Of Italy

September 29th, 2022 2:41 PM

It’s not often that left-wing cancel mob comes after the punter of a college football team. But then again, there is a first time for everything.

Lakers Announce 4th Pride Night, But Block Comments On Instagram

September 29th, 2022 12:43 PM

The Los Angeles Lakers announced on Wednesday that they will be hosting their fourth Pride Night, and that lots of big-name supporters of the poisonous LGBT agenda will be in attendance.

RACISM! 'Stranger Things' Star Only Has 15.4 Million Insta Followers

September 28th, 2022 11:19 AM

Here’s a serious question: If you had 15.4 million Instagram followers and were a main character on a wildly popular TV show, would you consider yourself a victim of racism? (Or of anything, really?).

Irving: I Had to Turn Down Big Extension Because I Was Unvaccinated

September 27th, 2022 3:29 PM

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving claimed that he turned down a massive contract extension before the 2021-22 season in large part to remain unvaccinated.

White House Calls For Atlanta Braves To Change Their Nickname

September 27th, 2022 11:21 AM

Leftists are doubling down on their calls to have the Atlanta Braves change their nickname.

Woke Superstar Rihanna to Perform at SB Halftime Show

September 26th, 2022 3:56 PM

Do you feel it coming in the air, hearing the screams from everywhere? That’s the sound of all the people that are ecstatic that woke singer Rihanna will be performing at the Super Bowl LVII halftime show.

Stephen A. Smith: Why Aren't White People Criticized Like Ime Udoka?

September 23rd, 2022 11:09 AM

Stephen A. Smith really can’t state an opinion without making it about race.

Russian NHL Players Banned From Playing In Czech Republic

September 23rd, 2022 9:57 AM

The San Jose Sharks and the Nashville Predators will play two regular season games against each other at the O2 arena in Prague, Czech Republic, on Oct. 7 and 8 to begin the season. However, the Czech Foreign Ministry has told the two clubs they must leave certain players behind.

AF Academy Focuses On Training Cadets In Gender-Inclusive Language

September 22nd, 2022 3:18 PM

Hear that rattling sound? That's Chinese fighter pilots shaking at the prospect of meeting America's elite air warriors and...being scolded for not using their correct pronouns.

'Dilbert' Comic Strip Canceled for Laughing at Progressives

September 22nd, 2022 11:24 AM

Progressives really have no sense of humor. The famous comic strip “Dilbert,” a fictional story about a character with the comic’s name that serves as a satirical commentary on office politics and workplace culture, has been removed from over 80 newspaper publications. Lee Enterprises, the company that distributes the comic, has not commented on why it was discontinued.