College basketball players from Michigan, California, LSU and other schools took an all-expenses paid trip to Hawaii to roam the beaches and play in the 2017 Maui Classic, while the University of Georgia and Oklahoma football teams got wined and dined at this year's Rose Bowl. They are merely slaves enduring a racist system that won't pay them, says basketball Hall of Famer Spencer Haywood (in photo). He was given a large internet forum to advocate for socialism and a redistribution of wealth by Sean Deveney of The Sporting News.

Trump detractor and former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Jemele Hill, who called the president and his supporters "white supremacists" last fall, is now condemning an NFL team owner who raised money for the commander in chief. Now a sports writer for ESPN's The Undefeated blog, Hill targeted Tampa Bay Bucs' owner Ed Glazer for attempting to help Trump's re-election campaign raise $5 million.

Ending two years as the public editor at ESPN, Jim Brady closed out his association with the Worldwide Leader in (Liberal) Sports with a review of the network's recent highs and lows. Brady bragged up the network, but did not spare it from criticism and declared its future has never been so uncertain.


President Trump is most definitely not a cool, hip, basketball junkie like Barack Obama, who annually filled out his March Madness bracket on ESPN. With the help of a reader, a President Trump hater at the Deadspin sports blog picked an unauthorized Final Four field for their least favorite president. Complete with digs at Trump, of course.

Big problem for lib sports media this week: How to spin the World Series champion Houston Astros' visit to President Trump at the White House Monday? How to make 45 look bad? At least the NBA champion Golden State Warriors, after a war of social media words with President Donald Trump, didn't even go to the White House last year. Now there's a story that got traction!

By saying adios to two of the most woke players in the National Football League the Seattle Seahawks just got quieter and the New York Daily News just got louder. Daily News race-baiter Carron J. Phillips wants his readers to believe that by unloading Michael Bennett and Richard Sherman the Seahawks are the latest example of America's fear of woke athletes.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, worth an estimated $20 million, was exploited by UCLA and legendary Coach John Wooden on his way to wealth and fame in the NBA. That's one of the truth-stretching stories in Etan Thomas's new book on athletes and social justice activism. Want more? John Carlos and Trayvon Martin are heroes. These and other far-fetched claims flew right past The Undefeated senior writer Jerry Bembry in his softball-laden interview of Thomas.

Another day, another crisis at ESPN. Former ESPN on-air personality Adrienne Lawrence filed a federal lawsuit in Connecticut this week against the World Leader in (Liberal) Sports that describes a disturbing culture of sexual harassment and discrimination. Lawrence’s attorneys, Brian Cohen and Russell Yankwitt, filed the suit portraying ESPN as a “company rife with misogyny.”

Carron J. Phillips is as inventive as any race-baiter who ever came down the pike. The overly sensitive New York Daily News sports columnist only has one card in his deck and it's a giant-sized race card. With a hairpin trigger finger, he's ready to play it at the drop of a hat. Or, in this case, a hat turned slightly to the side of one baseball player's head. You won't believe how he turned a molehill into Mt. Everest.

Have you noticed the lone voice standing out from the herd of sports media's progressively bleating sheep? It belongs to the host of the Will Cain Show, which launched Jan. 2 on ESPN Radio and ESPNEWS (3-6 p.m. ET). In an interview with The Sporting News, Michael McCarthy characterized Cain as "outspoken" because he's conservative and fearless in opposing the social justice warriors who dominate sports media coverage.

Charles Barkley played to adoring reviews from left-stream online media in his fourth appearance on Saturday Night Live this weekend. Barkley took on gun rights advocates and opponents of athlete protests, leading SBNation's James Dator to write that he "perfectly mixed humor and his message on athlete protests." Slate's Matthew Dessem focused on a segment deriding the NRA's plan to solve school shootings by throwing more guns at the problem and comparing Second Amendment advocates to "cockroaches."

Basketball-loving Barack Obama has an eye for shooting hoops that rivals the awful vision of Mr. Magoo. But according to The Huffington Post, the former president with a vivid imagination and an ego the size of Texas, would choose to play for the San Antonio Spurs ... if only he was an NBA all-star free agent.