Face it, white men: you’re at the bottom of the hiring totem pole in this crazy age of social engineering, political correctness run amok and affirmative action. Somebody had to pay the price for past prejudices and, according to would-be social engineers, you drew the shortest straw. Poor white guy Ed Werder, laid off in 2017 after 19 years as an award-winning reporter at ESPN, is now the poster boy for the odd-gender out. He's getting royally harpooned on the internet for suggesting Sports Illustrated hire the best candidate for an open writing job rather than rejecting male applicants.

In the latest of her numerous I-hate-Trump poison pen screeds, USA Today Sports' Nancy Armour calls Trump cruel for dividing the families of illegal aliens. And she claims he's disparaging NFL social justice activists in attempting to divert attention away from his own political shortcomings. More importantly, she reveals how the NFL Players Coalition is practically turning into a "political action committee."

On Friday's Speak for Yourself TV sports talk program on Fox Sports 1, co-host Jason Whitlock characterized NFL Players' Association executive director DeMaurice Smith as a "foolish looter burning down his own neighborhood" and demanded his firing. The NFLPA has reportedly hired several lawyers to fight the league's new policy requiring players to respect the national anthem or remain in the clubhouse.

Sports fans are holding all 62 cowardly teams in Major League Baseball and the National Football League hostage, leading to the "blacklisting" of disfavored athletes, writes Minneapolis Star-Tribune sports columnist Patrick Reusse. He also implies that fans who are disenchanted with controversial athletes have no right to play the "I'm offended" card.

New York Daily News sports, race and social issues columnist Carron J. Phillips has figured out the litmus test President Donald Trump uses to determine which sports champions receive invitations to the White House and those that don’t. It’s mainly based on the race and gender of the athletes, among other questionable motives. Which is why it’s better for the NHL Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals to follow the lead of the NBA champion Golden State Warriors and NFL champion Philadelphia Eagles and not attend a celebration with the president.

CNN's feature on a jockey engaged in so-called "transitioning from male to female" is part of a larger and ongoing agenda by the network to push the LGBT transgender agenda. Matt Majendie wrote the story on Victoria (previously Vince) Smith, who was inspired by Caitlyn Jenner to become a woman.

On Saturday ESPN Radio's "The Sporting Life," host Jeremy Schaap and ESPN Senior Writer Howard Bryant discussed "the increasingly rocky relationship between Trump and athletes." Author of "The Heritage: Black Athletes, a Divided America, and the Politics of Patriotism," Bryant said President Donald Trump is dragging athletes into a culture war and the new no-kneeling rule he forced on the owners was a "stab in the back."

The Stanley Cup champion Washington Capitals (team captain Alex Ovechkin accepts trophy in photo) are still savoring their National Hockey League title, but Newsweek writer Dan Cancian is creating doubt about whether or not the team will visit the White House. Cancian's story cited one player on the Washington team who said he will not visit the president.

Dave Zirin, the bombastic sports editor of The Nation and the author of books praising sports radicals John Carlos and Michael Bennett, just called President Donald Trump a "racist, sexist bottom feeder." Zirin blitzed Trump over the president's disinviting of the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles to the White House earlier this week. It was an event most of the Eagles had planned to boycott.

A day after the Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles' planned visit to the White House fell through, Tyler Tynes wrote an SBNation rant disparaging President Donald Trump as a white supremacist who is threatened by black athletes.

Pro-tip for pro-athletes. If you win the championship, its courageous and patriotic to skip the White House visit. Unless you were invited by a liberal Democratic POTUS. Then, you’re selfish and rude and, if you previously had a “boy-next-door image,” you’ve trashed it.

Sharply swerving out of his lane today, Sports ("and Politics") Illustrated football writer Robert Klemko ventured into White House politics and accused President Donald Trump of criticizing the NFL to distract attention away from FBI investigations of his administration.