Rapinoe: My Fox News-Watching Parents ‘Need Therapy,’ Trump’s A ‘F--king Joke’

August 19th, 2019 3:00 PM

Megan Rapinoe is still milking the spotlight with her “unapologetic” gayness, hatred for Donald Trump and — forgive me for almost forgetting — her success as a female soccer player. Giving another smug interview with the UK’s The Guardian, the purple-haired, goal-scoring SJW got to preach on about how cool she is and how anyone who doesn’t get it, like the president in particular, is lame and might “need therapy.” After all, she “deserves this.”

Rapinoe, the 34-year-old women’s soccer world cup champion was not quite ready to come down from the high of her sports-winning, progressive medal-earning summer, still being about as brash as she was when she told reporters that she would not be going to the “fucking White House” to celebrate her victory.

But what incentive would she have to calm down, what with all the progressive hero-worship she still receives? The Guardian’s Emma Brockes was still willing to kiss her ring, describing aspects of her Trump-baiting, conservative bashing comments as “delicious” and calling her “such a gratifying repudiator of the normalisation of Trump.”

Of course Rapinoe was asked to recall her leftwing superhero origin story: her fight with Donald Trump that everyone in the media, including Brockes tries to rewrite as “the president goaded her.” Oh yeah, let’s forget the fact the Rapinoe was looking for that exposure, making several Kaepernick-esque anti-American grandstands on the pitch, and throwing the first volley by denying the president’s invite before she even got one. What’s that classic adage again? Oh right, “talk sh-t, get hit.” But not for her, she was the victim.

For as Brockes put it, Rapinoe was “yelled at online by the most powerful man in the world,” an event that “would represent to most people an alarming brush with authority.” Really? #Resistance types who manage to provoke a Trump tweet wear it as a badge of honor. And Rapinoe pretended she was above it.

“It’s ridiculous and absurd,” Rapinoe told the British outlet, claiming that some people were concerned for her. “People were like: ‘That was so intense!’ And I’m like: ‘Honestly, he’s a fucking joke, so it wasn’t intense, because this is ridiculous.” Oh sure, but if you’re into believing her BS know that she’s used to this kind of heat via her kneeling antics at a US women’s soccer match in 2016. “I think I’d been conditioned, from kneeling, to being used to the craziest shit happening in my Twitter feed.”

Rapinoe explained her inspiration behind her Trump-bashing antics, claiming that both she and her sister just cannot stomach a powerful person “manipulating people.” She stated, “when there’s a person who is abusing their power or manipulating people, whether it’s a teacher when I was younger or Donald Trump now, there’s nothing that fires me up and grinds my gears more.” Right and there’s nothing manipulative about Rapinoe using her cushy status as a pro-athlete to bash everyday citizens over the head with make believe politics like the thoroughly-debunked claim that the team is being "unfairly" paid less than the men soccer players.

Ms. Rapinoe also revealed that her loving father is actually a Trump supporter. Though she didn’t seem too disturbed by it, she prodded him a bit, saying, “I don’t get it. How are you simultaneously as proud as punch of me, and watching Fox News all the time, [who are doing] takedowns of your daughter?” She added that her parents “need to go to therapy.” Ironic that such a champion of tolerance and equality believes that fans of women’s soccer who watch Fox News have borderline psychosis. You go, girl!