A Bunch of 'Bull': CBS Drama Says BLM 'Not Opposed to Police'

April 20th, 2021 12:50 AM

Network television has officially jumped the shark in its desperate efforts to defend the domestic terrorist organization Black Lives Matter. This week on CBS's court drama Bull, an earnest defense attorney actually said with a straight face that BLM is "not opposed to the police."

In the episode, 'Evidence to the Contrary,' on Monday, April 19, an innocent young black man is mistakenly accused in the premeditated murder of a police officer. The young man has been active in the Black Lives Matter movement.

In a pre-trial hearing, defense attorney Chunk Palmer (Christopher Jackson) requests that the trial "exclude any mention of my client's involvement with Black Lives Matter or photographic evidence of affiliation with same." When the prosecution argues that the "defendant has a lengthy and well-documented history of anti-police sentiment," Palmer offers a ridiculous reply.



Chunk Palmer: Your Honor, the A.D.A. is clearly mistaken in this regard. Black Lives Matter is not opposed to the police. Black Lives Matter is opposed to police killing black people. And the prosecution is trying to paint this organization and, by extension, my client, as being extremist and anti-law enforcement. All for the crime of simply affirming the value of black life.

Black Lives Matter protest slogans include "ACAB" ("All Cops Are Bastards") and “Fuck 12” ("Fuck the Police"). If those slogans are not "anti-law enforcement," I do not know what is. And considering that in 2019 the number of unarmed black men fatally shot by police in the United States was a total of 14 people in a country of 330 million, BLM was never really about addressing a supposed epidemic of evil cops targeting black men. BLM was a corporate shakedown operation that used terror to rake in billions for its founders and Democrat Party entities

The subject of violence at protests does come up at the pre-trial hearing, but Palmer pins such violence on those "not associated" with his client's group.



Chunk: Your Honor, we have a second motion for the court's consideration. I ask that we exclude any reference to the defendant's prior conviction for criminal mischief. My client was one of over 200 people arrested after a Black Lives Matter demonstration became overrun with people not associated with his group, but who were there solely for purpose of looting and vandalizing. He couldn't afford counsel, he spent a night in jail. For these spurious charges to be used against him-- it seems unjust and unfair, Your Honor. 

Judge: Ms. Olson, care to respond? 

Ms. Olson: Your Honor, as Mr. Palmer is well aware, if his client chooses to take the stand in his own defense, he can be cross-examined about prior crimes that bear on his credibility. To arbitrarily deny me the opportunity to share this conviction with the jury seems... How did you put it? Unjust and unfair? And it is. To the state, which believes Mr. Craddick is guilty of murdering a police officer in cold blood. And I would also point out to the court, violence against police officers seems to be a common feature of these rallies. And whether that violence is instigated by the sponsoring organization or outsiders who seize the opportunity to indulge in mayhem is beside the point. The point-- the only point-- is that Mr. Craddick has been arrested and convicted in the past. And that is something that the jury has a right to know. 

Violence does indeed follow BLM wherever it goes. Its "mostly peaceful protests" have left a tragic trail of billions of dollars in damage, dozens dead, and many more injured. Such violence is likely to continue in the coming months, especially with the George Floyd murder trial wrapping up and people like Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) encouraging more violence.

But Hollywood cannot dare let that truth come out of the mouths of its shows' main characters. The role of television heroes in 2020 and 2021 are to keep pushing the same lies that legacy media pushed all last year about BLM protests being "mostly peaceful." And as the gaslighting continues, more innocent communities will be terrorized while BLM founders buy more mansions.

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