Netflix’s ‘Insatiable’ Continues to Promote Alyssa Milano’s Abortion Agenda

October 28th, 2019 2:16 PM

After watching the extremely offensive first season of Netflix’s teen dark comedy Insatiable last year, I was prepared for more of the same right from the start while diving into the second season, which was released on October 11. And while there were plenty of cringeworthy scenes still making the show completely inappropriate for its targeted teen audience, it wasn’t until episode 9 (out of ten episodes total) that co-star Alyssa Milano's abortion agenda kicked in.

Of course, we were subjected to abortion propaganda in season one, but apparently that wasn’t enough. Milano, who the Washington Post labeled the “Jane Fonda of the Current Era,” and who proudly proclaimed that her life is filled with “great joys” thanks to the two abortions she had in one year, led Hollywood protests against Georgia's heartbeat bill earlier this year and called on Insatiable to stop filming in the state if the law ever comes into effect.

For all we know, Milano was the one behind a ridiculous foiled forced-abortion plot near the very end of the season. Milano’s character Coralee was involved in a throuple with her husband Bob Armstrong (Dallas Roberts) and Bob Barnard that ended badly and now she's pregnant. Meanwhile, Rudy is in love with the Bobs and kidnaps Coralee. He tells her his entire plan has been to make both Bobs fall in love with him but now that he knows Coralee is pregnant, it could ruin his chances with them.



Rudy: ...But then you got pregnant and ruined my plan. If the find out about the baby, you might all end up back together.

Coralee: No. No. I don’t want to get back together with them. You don't have to do this. You do not have to kill me.

Rudy: Oh, I’m not a murderer. I’m making you get an abortion.

Coralee: What? No, this is not your decision to make!

Dr. Duffy: Sorry about that. This has been a little last minute. I had to separate my medical tools from my taxidermy stuff.

Coralee: Ok. This is a bad plan.

Right, because when you’re tied up and about to be assaulted by a crazed man who is going to forcibly end the life of your unborn child, your mind instantly turns to pro-abortion one-liners as if you’re in the midst of a political hearing. Leave it to Milano's character to insert pro-abortion language like, “This is not your decision to make!” instead of something one would realistically say in such an absurd moment. I’m surprised she didn’t yell, “My body, my choice!” next.

Also, did you happen to notice how the crazed kidnapper proclaims that he’s “not a murderer,” he’s just “making you get an abortion?” Nice, slick attempt to influence viewers into believing abortion isn’t murder. And while the man who is supposed to perform the abortion is made to seem off-the-wall and extreme by taking pleasure in aborting an unborn child, it’s not such a stretch from real life considering the cases of Gosnell and Klopfer who were equally sadistic quacks.

Later, we get more of Milano’s pro-abortion agenda when Coralee helps another woman escape from the crazed doctor’s cabin, telling her, “He tried to force me to get an abortion, which I still might get, but I’m not gonna let a demented asshole make that decision for me!” Oh, how proud Jane Fonda must be of her mini-me!

Milano obviously didn’t have any influence when it came to sex in the show, though. After all, she’s apparently on a sex strike, right? (Oh, wait. She only meant for a “little sex strike,” and it was “never supposed to be legitimate.” My bad.) Insatiable was just as sex-obsessed as it was in the previous season, including a scene involving a bag of dildos that high school character Nonnie (Kimmy Shields) bought to try to spice things up with her girlfriend.

Nonnie ends up using one of the dildos to stop an assailant from attacking main character Patty (Debby Ryan) as she’s about to enter her hotel room. “I had no idea that when I bought my first dildo I’d be using it on a man,” Nonnie quips in a voiceover, just before she slaps the criminal across the face with the device:



Nonnie: Patty had no idea what about about to hit her. Patty look out! AHHH! And I had no idea that when I bought my first dildo I’d be using it on a man…to fight crime. I thought I'd be using that dildo to surprise Dee. Oh, shit. But instead, I got surprised. Dee was lying to me. What the hell? She said she was staying home to study, so I followed her to find out what she was up to.

And, while it was refreshing not to be beaten over the head (no pun intended) with the anti-Christian bigotry that was so rampant in season one, the writers did sneak in a quick insult towards the town’s pastor, saying he was on a dating website for throuples.

Alas, Insatiable remains a leftist, pro-abortion, anti-Christian, sex-obsessed, inappropriate-for-teens show through its second season. Let's hope the folks at Netflix are finally sated and don't bring it back for a third season.