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As a writer and research analyst for MRC Culture, Sarah Stites reports on faith, entertainment and LGBT issues. Ever since ADF represented her in a religious liberty case, she has been passionate about defending first amendment freedoms. Prior to MRC, she interned at the U.S. Department of Justice and Federal Management Partners.

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In a celebrity world filled with dysfunctional relationships, Ashley Graham –  recently dubbed one of Time's one hundred most influential people – is an exception to the rule. In an essay adapted from her forthcoming book, the plus-size model and body activist shared powerful insights on her decision to practice abstinence and the beautiful partnership she now shares with husband Justin Ervin. But her happiness didn’t come without a struggle.

Although the Trump administration's new healthcare bill has yet to pass the Senate, Hollywood stars have already vowed revenge on the GOP. 

On many college campuses, free speech comes with the caveat: say what you want, as long as it doesn’t offend the liberal majority. And if it does, you can expect virulent protests in return, such as the riot that led to the injury of a professor at Middlebury College when social scientist Charles Murray was slated to speak. 

Feeling ill? Go ahead and blame Donald Trump. On Wednesday evening, celebrity Chrissy Teigen took to Twitter with complaints of jaw ache, and quickly noted where culpability for the ailment lay. 

Late-night comedy is getting a new female face, but, from the looks of it, she will be repeating the same liberal tropes as her fellow veteran hosts. On Tuesday, Freeform aired the inaugural episode of Truth & Iliza, hosted by 34-year-old comedian Iliza Shlesinger. Immediately, women’s media were all over it, celebrating late night’s increasing gender diversity.

Although the networks have given ample airtime to “marriage equality,” “anti-gay” religious freedom bills and transgender bathroom policies, they’re hardly covering the truly grave oppression of the LGBT community in Chechnya. In this predominantly Muslim Russian province, gay and bisexual men are living on borrowed time. According to one report, Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has vowed to eliminate them by the end of May. It has been one month since Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta first published a report on the government’s violence toward the Chechen LGBT community. Yet, stunningly, the evening network shows have given the human rights violations little coverage, devoting only one NBC Nightly News segment to the oppression. 

It looks like Hollywood won’t be tiring of politically-themed content anytime soon. In February, show-runner Ryan Murphy (Glee) announced that FX’s graphic American Horror Story would highlight the 2016 election in its upcoming season. Now, series regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters have expressed their interest in playing Donald and Ivanka Trump respectively. 

Lena Dunham takes every chance she gets to display her support for abortion rights. At Monday’s Met Gala, an annual fundraising event that attracts the brightest stars in Hollywood, Dunham sported a red and black one-shouldered ensemble. A silver Planned Parenthood pin, tucked beneath a ruffle, completed the look.  

Michael Moore just won’t give up. After failed attempts to unseat the President, the liberal Hollywood documentarian is trying again, this time with a Broadway play. 

Samantha Bee just can’t get over Hillary Clinton’s presidential defeat. In her widely publicized TBS special “Not the White House Correspondent’s Dinner,” the Full Frontal host spent six minutes imagining the Clinton administration WHCD that could have been. And the very thought brought her to tears.

Twenty years ago today, Ellen DeGeneres revealed her sexual identity on network TV. In 1997, the media climate was not nearly as welcoming to LGBT people as it is now; however, as proven by the countless articles published commemorating her bravery, times have clearly changed. Today, LGBT content is not only accepted, but celebrated. 

It’s prom season, and BuzzFeed is throwing a party of its own – a queer celebration to promote the concept that “normal is relative.” For the website’s video producer and development partner Eugene Yang, the crowning dance was just another “night of normativity.” That’s because, as a gay teen, he felt the weight of heteronormative convention demanding that he take a girl to the big night.  

Forgiving a friend is one thing. Forgiving your spouse’s cold-blooded killer on a televised news program is another. After losing her husband, Naseem, in Egypt’s Palm Sunday bombings, Samira Fahmi had every reason to despise ISIS. The terrorist group not only took the life of her partner in church on a holy day, but killed or injured more than 100 others in her Coptic Christian community. 

Celebrating life and protecting the “little guy” should be a bipartisan goal, according to one senator. Speaking at Students for Life of America #SockIt2PP rally Wednesday, Sen. Ben Sasse (R-NE)  affirmed the human dignity of the unborn as Congress considers defunding Planned Parenthood in debates over the upcoming federal budget.

The loss of human persons in abortion can never be fully comprehended. But one pro-life group is breaking down the numbers of those missing in America due to Planned Parenthood  with baby socks, no less. On Wednesday, pro-life leaders and students called on Congress to defund Planned Parenthood by placing a powerful, visual message on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol: a pile of 196,543 pairs of baby socks. 

It’s a wonder that Lena Dunham and Samantha Bee have only just met. After all, the vulgar writer/actress and comedian/talk-show host are cut from the same progressive, feminist cloth. But the anticipation of Bee’s Not the White House Correspondents’ Dinner special finally brought them together in a New York City interview published by The Hollywood Reporter. During the duo’s conversation, Dunham talked with late night’s only female host about life in the Trump era and her experience with her TBS show Full Frontal.

Eric Trump doesn’t seemed bothered by Chelsea Handler’s rude comment about his unborn son. Honestly, he thinks it’s “just sad.” On April 25, the Trump and his wife Lara joined Dr. Oz to talk about the impending birth of their first child, living in the spotlight and their passion for stopping puppy mills. 

Although many media outlets have given Hobby Lobby a bad rap for its Christian values, Forbes today offered a refreshingly balanced look at what it means to be Christian company. And it’s not, as contributor Jerry Bowyer wrote, a “greed or misogyny thing”—it’s a “conscience thing.”   

Lena Dunham – a media darling shunned by many liberals and conservatives alike – has a new show on the road. After the finale of her controversial HBO series Girls, Dunham and producing partner Jenni Konner are planning their next project. In a statement published early this week, the women announced that they will be taking Lenny Letter – a feminist newsletter they began in 2015 – on a six-day tour through the Midwest.

Dan Savage and his liberal followers want to impeach the president -- but that's putting it nicely. In an April 18 Instagram post, the gay speaker/activist enthused about his recent project—selling hats, coffee mugs, pins and other gear emblazoned with the acronym ITMFA (“Impeach The Mother F**ker Already”).