Michael Moore To Finally ‘Bring Down Madman’ Trump In New Broadway Show

Michael Moore just won’t give up.

After failed attempts to unseat the President, the liberal Hollywood documentarian is trying again, this time with a Broadway play.

Today, Moore announced that he would star in ‘The Terms of My Surrender,” a performance aiming to “bring down” Donald Trump, Hollywood Reporter writer Ashley Lee noted. Debuting at Manhattan’s Belasco Theatre on August 10, the show will be Moore’s first venture as a thespian.

Moore’s description of the play, published by the Huffington Post, calls it “exhilarating” and “subversive.” Furthermore, it’s “guaranteed to take audiences on a ride through the United States of Insanity, explaining once and for all how the f--k we got here, and where best to dine before crossing with the Von Trapp family over the Canadian border.”

“To say it’s just about Trump would simplify it,” Moore told the New York Times. “I think people will find themselves laughing one minute and wanting to go look for some pitchforks and torches the next.”

Like many in Hollywood, Moore has been a long-time, vocal opponent of the president.

In the weeks leading up to November 8, the documentarian tried to sway the election through a project he’d been strategically developing – a one man show called Michael Moore in TrumpLand. Targeted toward Middle Americans, it was intended to help win votes for Hillary. Apparently though, calling Trump voters “legal terrorists” wasn’t a great strategy.

After Trump won the election, the liberal star helped to organize the protest movement with a “Resistance Calendar” – a detailed one stop shop of nationwide rallies and marches. In a Facebook post introducing the online schedule, Moore wrote: “Our goal is his removal from office, and the defeat of any politician who is isn’t with us.”

Regarding his newest venture, Moore asked: “Can something like this unravel an unhinged man?” We’ll see if it finally does the trick, or if Moore ends up simply talking to the progressive liberals that occupy his own coastal bubble.  

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