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MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor said that Trump’s latest military strikes against Syria and Afghanistan are part of Trump’s overall terrorism strategy: “to strike terrorists where they need to be stuck.” But the liberal media “don’t want to tell that story.”

“You have a strong military so that you don't have to use this, so you don’t have to fight a World War”  Gainor said on the April 13 Intelligence Report with Trish Regan. Regan and Gainor were discussing how the  media would respond to Trump authorizing the use of an 11 ton bomb on an ISIS camp in Afghanistan.

Another liberal says the way to take down President Donald Trump is to hit him where it hurts — in the wallet.

The Intercept published a video from liberal activist and award-winning journalist Naomi Klein giving instructions on ways “to jam the Trump brand,” on April 12. Arguing Trump “has turned the presidency into an extension of his corporate brand,” she laid out a plan to tarnish that brand and cost him money.

Klein clearly stated her aim: “Now, i don’t mean make him seem less rich. No, I mean actively take money from him by sending his branding empire into crisis.”

“Boycotts and sidewalk protests aren’t the only way to wreak havoc on Trump’s businesses,” Klein said. “What if a whole lot of people made reservations at Trump Hotels and resorts and then all those people changed their minds right before the cancellation deadline?”

Many Americans think the economy is going to be great again. A new CNBC poll indicated record high optimism about the the economy under President Donald Trump. CNBC senior economics reporter Steve Liesman told Squawk Box viewers on April 12, that 40 percent of respondents said “the economy is good or excellent right now.” Liesman added that was “the highest in our survey history.” He also reported high levels of economic optimism. “But the amazing part about this, and I mean truly amazing, is the optimism inspired by President Trump,” Liesman said. The poll showed “some of the highest numbers we have seen in the ten years of this poll's existence.”

New York State’s newly passed 2018 budget included a provision that will pay for the tuition of residents who attend public colleges in the state. The liberal media praised the government handout and found progressives who still considered it insufficient.

Slate senior business and economics correspondent Jordan Weissmann called the new program “pretty lame,” and immediately focused on the lefties “trashing” the plan. “In the eyes of free-college advocates, however, the program leaves a lot to be desired. Which is why you may have noticed some progressives trashing the thing on Twitter,” he wrote.

First Ivanka’s clothing line, now Yuengling. Just prior to the presidential election, the owner of Yuengling beer Dick Yuengling, Jr. endorsed Donald Trump. Immediately, liberals called for a boycott of the company. The New York Times wrote about the endorsement and questioned the wisdom of Yuengling’s statements, “Will a Yuengling Executive’s Endorsement of Trump Hurt Beer Sales?” But according to the company owner, the boycott failed to harm his business. Yuengling joined a March 30, panel discussion at an event called "Meeting of the Malts VI" in Bethlehem, Pa. Danya Henninger, culture editor for the Billy Penn website, reported that he said sales were “down a little,” but stressed it was “nothing noticeable.”

The liberal media have minimized it, but some business leaders are thrilled with President Donald Trump’s economic proposals. At the White House April 4, the president met with more than 50 CEOs and business leaders to discuss his economic agenda. New York Stock Exchange President Tom Farley was in attendance and praised Trump’s “business friendly” platform. “It was a really good morning, a really productive morning,” Farley said on Fox Business Network’s show Cavuto: Coast to Coast.


Good things come in threes. This is the third month in a row for a strong jobs report. The question is: Will journalists continue to ignore the good economic news under President Donald Trump? The stock market surged April 5, after news of what CNBC Senior Economics Reporter Steve Liesman called “another blowout” jobs report from the ADP private payroll. According to the report, the private sector gained 263,000 jobs in March, which was 83,000 more than economists expected.

The gender pay gap is not what the left claims, but the liberal media continue peddling the misinformation that women make far less than men. Proponents of the “misleading” wage gap statistic designated April 4, as Equal Pay Day. Each year they cry discrimination and call attention to “wage discrepancies that exist between men and women in the workforce.” Predictably, liberal media outlets repeat those claims that women get paid 20 percent less for doing the same work as men and refuse to expose the truth behind the statistic. 

Even in the face of obvious failure, the liberal media deflect blame for Venezuela’s economic collapse away from socialism. On April 1, New York Times columnists Max Fisher and Amanda Taub blamed “populism” for Venezuela's issues, using the economic crisis there to explain the dangers of populism while essentially ignoring socialism’s impact. “Socialism” was mentioned just once in the entire article.

Fox Business host Stuart Varney nearly lost it when his CEO guest was unable or unwilling to see his own hypocrisy on taxes. Varney, who heads up Varney & Company, blasted Dal LaMagna, CEO of Icestone USA, for arguing that the wealthy need to pay more in taxes. “The Patriotic Millionaires, who I am a group of, and Responsible Wealth members, we are all feeling like we could pay more taxes” LaMagna said on in an interview March 31. Varney repeatedly asked the millionaire CEO why he doesn’t act on his feelings. “Why don’t you pay more in taxes? You could just write a check. Why don’t you?” LaMagna excused his inaction by saying “it would be like me putting a drop in the ocean.”

One CNBC anchor thinks the media are “in cahoots with the hating party” and it’s hurting the president’s ability to function with Congress. Squawk Box co-anchor Joe Kernen blasted the media for unequivocal support of Democrat obstruction of President Donald Trump’s economic agenda. He specifically criticized the liberal press for ignoring one Congresswoman’s impeachment obsession. In his view, the hatred the liberal media exhibited towards former President George W. Bush looked like a “love relationship” compare to coverage of Trump.

The liberal media literally can’t wait for bad economic news under President Donald Trump. CNNmoney staff writer Matt Egan anticipated a potential “longest losing streak since 1978” for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That story, in its original form published early March 28. Trading had just begun on Wall Street with the Dow down slightly, but Egan couldn’t wait for the closing bell to explain the magnitude of another down session and tie it to a president with a poor economic record. “The last time the Dow fell nine days in a row, Jimmy Carter was in the White House” he wrote. Of course, the story was updated shortly after the market closed that day — up more than 150 points. 

Michael Moore is known for spewing outlandish, liberal drivel, but he turned apocalyptic as a reaction to the overthrow of former President Obama’s energy plan. President Donald Trump signed an executive order into law March 28, to begin rolling back Obama’s Clean Power Plan. The plan included many regulations affecting domestic energy production.The propagandist filmmaker immediately lashed out on Twitter condemning Trump’s actions.

Taking a break from tweeting against the President Donald Trump, comedian Sarah Silverman lashed out at a new target: “evil” banks and “BIG OIL.”

"As long as my money is in a big bank, I am part of the problem,” Silverman argued. “And those banks are investing in big oil. They’re scratching each other’s balls.”

Why was Silverman so upset about banks? Because of the Dakota Access Pipeline. She railed against banks and oil companies in a March 18 video op-ed for Now This News. In it, she sympathized with fellow pipeline opponents who felt “helpless” because Trump recently approved construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline.

With Starbuck’s stock underperforming, its about time someone questioned Starbucks’s liberal agenda. Just don’t expect the media to care. A conservative think tank, The National Center for Public Policy Research, confronted outgoing controversial Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz. As an owner of Starbucks stock, the group sent its General Counsel Justin Danhof to Starbucks’s annual shareholders meeting on March 22.  There, he questioned Schultz for his public liberal opinions that may have hurt the company’s stock price. In reference to Schultz’s Jan. 29 decision that Starbucks would hire 10,000 refugees, Danhof asked Schultz “How much will Starbucks investors have to spend so that the company can properly vet refugees that the federal government admits it can’t afford to vet?”

Sen. Bernie Sanders is beloved by many in the liberal press, which is why most are unlikely to point the hypocrisy of his recent rant against America. In a March 18 tweet, the former Democratic presidential candidate scolded America as a nation that “worships wealth” instead of “caring for the poor.” The tweet added “I don't think that is the nation we should be living in.”

Seeing a conservative and a liberal agree on the idea of term limits is quite unusual. Though they don’t usually agree on much, CNBC’s Squawk Box co-anchors Joe Kernen and Andrew Ross Sorkin both praised the idea of term limits for members of Congress. Frustrated with Congress’s lack of progress on Trump’s agenda, Kernen argued that getting substantial change passed is “impossible. I think maybe you need term limits.”

The liberal media just can’t seem to get anything right -- even math. Journalists were eager to follow in the wake of Rachel Maddow's tax fiasco. ABC and CBS evening news shows reported that Trump paid an effective tax rate of about 25 percent in 2005. But, as The Federalist’s Sean Davis noted, this is flat out wrong. Trump’s effective tax rate for 2005 was 79 percent. That’s more than three times higher than reported.

CNN used the suffering of natural disaster victims to push its obsession with climate change. Meera Senthilingam, a CNN health producer, wrote early March 14, that climate change is causing “depression, anxiety and, PTSD.” Simultaneously, a late season snowstorm was unloading on millions of Americans. She described devastating stories of natural disasters and how they affected the mental health of the victims and, unsurprisingly, connected their suffering to climate change.

Wall Street has been brimming with optimism since President Donald Trump’s election, but Main Street’s optimism soared as well. Some say the new GOP health insurance bill may keep that going.CNBC reporter Kate Rogers said that “Main Street’s outlook post-election is still holding at historically high levels according to the National Federation of Independent Business.”