MRC’s Dan Gainor: Media Will ‘Pick Apart’ Trump Authorizing MOAB

April 14th, 2017 2:35 PM

MRC Vice President of Business and Culture Dan Gainor said that Trump’s latest military strikes against Syria and Afghanistan are part of Trump’s overall terrorism strategy: “to strike terrorists where they need to be stuck.” But the liberal media “don’t want to tell that story.”

“You have a strong military so that you don't have to use this, so you don’t have to fight a World War”  Gainor said on the April 13 Intelligence Report with Trish Regan. Regan and Gainor were discussing how the  media would respond to Trump authorizing the use of an 11 ton bomb on an ISIS camp in Afghanistan.

Gainor predicted the media will “try to pick this apart as they tried to pick the Syrian attack apart” because they do not want Trump’s policies to ‘gain momentum.’

“The left doesn’t like a strong America, they want us to be more a globalist nation,” Gainor said, “which means we’ve got to operate under the U.N. And when we operate under the U.N., what the media don’t wanna tell you is that doesn’t always work for us.”