Activist Naomi Klein Urges Left to Destroy Trump’s Brand

April 14th, 2017 12:51 PM

Another liberal says the way to take down President Donald Trump is to hit him where it hurts — in the wallet.

The Intercept published a video from liberal activist and award-winning journalist Naomi Klein giving instructions on ways “to jam the Trump brand,” on April 12. Arguing Trump “has turned the presidency into an extension of his corporate brand,” she laid out a plan to tarnish that brand and cost him money.

Klein clearly stated her aim: “Now, i don’t mean make him seem less rich. No, I mean actively take money from him by sending his branding empire into crisis.”

“Boycotts and sidewalk protests aren’t the only way to wreak havoc on Trump’s businesses,” Klein said. “What if a whole lot of people made reservations at Trump Hotels and resorts and then all those people changed their minds right before the cancellation deadline?”

In an attempt to avoid responsibility for the consequences, she claimed she wasn’t really “suggesting anyone do this,” just wondering what would happen. Yet, she encouraged anyone who did it to “be polite” because people answering the phones “almost certainly” are underpaid or may be “secretly trying to form a union.”

She also asked, “What if customers who really did want to book reservations had a hard time getting through because so many other people were calling to express their views on Trump’s attacks on the EPA, or mass detentions of immigrants, or losing their health insurance.”

Some of her other tactics included challenged the narrative of Trump as a boss and encouraged TV hosts and others to promote the idea that Trump is a puppet. Klein also endorsed efforts like #grabyourwallet and called for more similar boycotts of Trump brand products.  

Though the media have bolstered boycott efforts against Trump, many aren’t working. Recently, Yuengling’s CEO Dick Yuengling said boycott efforts against his company have amounted to “nothing noticeable.” Liberals tried to bring down Ivanka Trump’s sales as well, but her brand saw record sales after boycott efforts.

Klein’s video concluded with the idea that “the essence of good branding is repetition and the same thing goes for good brand jamming. So go forth and repeat thyselves. Have fun out there.”