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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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Donald Trump is Yuuugely disappointed (I’ll show myself out) at MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred for declining to reinstate Pete Rose. How do we know this? Because he tweeted about it, of course.

Ironic that some of the most vocal support Donald Trump would receive from the sports world, after declaring he wants to ban Muslim entry into the U.S., would come from…well…a Muslim. But Iron Mike Tyson has put the Iron in Irony by doing just that.

Bob Costas thinks that football has a bigger problem than any supposed “war on football,” or any behavior/disciplinary issues off the field. He thinks the problem is the game itself.

Republicans can’t win when it comes to the LGBT crowd. It’s no secret that Republicans are labeled insensitive by LGBT’ers when they criticize them, but now it’s apparently problematic for Republicans to support the LGBT crowd too.

The most terrible, hurrible take in sports this week for once did not belong to Stephen A. Smith or Skip Bayless. Instead that “honor” belongs to Charles Barkley. In advance of the GOP Debate on Tuesday night, to air on his sister network CNN, Barkley was asked on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” for his thoughts on, and explanation for the rise Donald Trump.

Okay, so Blue Bloods’ Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) is essentially the television spirit animal of all conservatives. On Friday night’s edition, an episode titled “Flags of Our Fathers,” (see what they did there? No, you don’t yet. But you will) an insulting and silly anti-war nut does his part to throw gasoline on the flaming fire of anti-war radicalism by organizing a protest, complete with flag burning at a Veteran’s memorial.  

Okay, in a show that is essentially an orgy of death and sex, and…well…sexual death, finding moments of moral clarity becomes something of a challenge. However, though it ended very, very badly, Wednesday night’s episode, titled “She Wants Revenge,” offered one of those moments.

The Air Force Academy has launched an investigation into breaking-up a dark and sinister practice that, if continued, could directly lead to the expansion of ISIS and the end of life as we know it.

The irony of a show based on sex appeal, damsels in distress, and sorority girls as the showcase for something called the “New, New Feminism” is beyond rich. But after watching an entire season of the bizarre collegiate horror series, that kind of irony is par for the course. Though, Tuesday night’s season finale dealt with more than just feminism.

There is a tiger in Nevada who happens to be living a higher standard of living than most human children in Africa, which has been the source of much consternation in liberal circles.

Lions safety Isa Abdul-Quddus and running back Ameer Abdullah are both Muslim. They’re also both upset at Donald Trump’s calling for a ban on Muslim immigration, and for his call for a Muslim registration plan.

I must confess I had low expectations for Donald Trump’s live tweeting of the President Obama speech Sunday night. Not because I doubt Trump’s twitter skills, mind you, but more because the speech was a complete dud, totally lacking in substance and devoid of any semblance of leadership. However, I should have known Trump would not disappoint.

There’s an extra special awesome that occurs when famous athletes publicly denounce the icons of the left. Probably because it almost never happens. However, on Sunday, in advance of Obama’s upcoming attack on our enumerated rights, it happened.

Deion Sanders was known as “Primetime” in his NFL playing days. But after what the Hall of Famer turned NFL Network analyst had to say to the Associated Press about the San Bernardino terrorist attacks on Wednesday night, Primetime might be forced to use some of his airtime to walk-back his comments.

On Monday night, CBS’ Madam Secretary revealed how Hillary would never have allowed us to get involved in Iraq, and could have prevented the entire disaster had she only been in a position of power to stop it.

Tim Tebow’s relationship with former Miss USA model Olivia Culpo is over. Because, according to reports, Culpo is upset that the couple isn’t having sex, since Tebow has decided to remain abstinent until marriage.

Fox’s Minority Report has lost its collective mind. On Monday night, in an episode called “Memento Mori,” MR attempted to blame the Church for thousands of years of scientific and medical darkness.

Hero worship can be a great thing, no question about it. Except it’s normally better when those we lionize for heroism are in fact heroes. The CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend could stand to learn a thing or two about that.

Liberals are the source of nearly all of our angst when it comes to cultural erosion and social justice scare-mongering. However, they can sometimes be the best source of SJW (Social Justice Warrior) joking/mocking as well.

I suppose there was nothing overtly biased or overly offensive that went down on Sunday night’s episode of Madam Secretary. Unless, you actually have a normal and good understanding for what real tough-talk and inspirational military speech-making is.