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Dylan Gwinn is a sports talk radio host and the author of Bias in the Booth: An Insider Exposes How the Sports Media Distort the News

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In a pretty naked attempt to land thousands of additional clients and exponentially increase the size of his clientele base, sports agent Donald Yee, who is also a lawyer and represents such notables as New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady and New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, took to the pages of The Washington Post where he completed the liberal hat-trick by using the race card, class warfare, and boycott/protest to call for paying college athletes.

It was like 2004 all over again on Sunday night as Galavant, the show that brings the Middle Ages alive through song and ironic jest, decided to bring mid-2000’s Iraq War humor to life through a funny, yet lame joke.

Because the politics of sex in the modern American family unit were not already bizarre enough, Wednesday night’s edition of NBC’s The Mysteries of Laura introduced a new and even more disconcerting male-female arrangement. Or, male-female-male arrangement, I should say.

Being a conservative got you down? Maybe people are looking at you weird? Not holding the elevator when they see you running up? Co-workers preventing you from being copied on all those invites to office parties? Voters trying to keep you from being enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame?

On behalf of a grateful nation, I thank Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver for saying exactly what so many have been thinking when it comes to millennials and their toughness.

Somewhere in the midst of 20 or so airline stewardesses, dentists, math teachers, chicken enthusiasts, and estheticians (whatever the heck that is) fighting it out to see who was going to dress to impress and win the “First Rose” from Bachelor Ben Higgins, ABC’s The Bachelor actually put together a decent show.

In a day and age where it is increasingly difficult to find family friendly entertainment that is actually funny for the whole family at 8 o’clock at night, even on a Sunday, I’m happy to let you know that ABC’s Galavant provides all of those things.

So, if you bet good money on the Flintstones being used this weekend in an incredibly lame political analogy involving gays and the NFL…I salute you. For that exact thing happened on the Saturday edition of the “Melissa Harris-Perry Show,” when The Nation’s Dave Zirin discussed the suspension handed down to New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr., who received unsportsmanlike conduct penalties and was, allegedly, the target of gay slurs before the game.

Last December, Lebron James took a stand on a controversial issue involving race and the police when he wore an “I Can’t Breathe” shirt during warm-ups prior to an NBA game.This December, however, the “social conscience” movement on Twitter didn’t ask Lebron to stand. They asked him to sit.

So when you’re arguably the greatest football player who ever lived, you get to pretty much say what you want and people will at least listen. Which is awesome because the great former player in question, Jim Brown, happened to say some really great things on the radio.

Just like the old saying goes: “If you can’t beat em,’ then take lame, snarky shots at them on Twitter.”

So, stop me when you’ve heard this before: “Radical, corrupt news organization conspires to take down a revered American using highly dubious, if not outright fraudulent sourcing.”

In a world full of hot takes, Salon writer Steve Almond went full supernova with this headline in a recent article: Odell Beckham and the NFL’s fear of gay men: “Football is the most homophobic subculture this side of the Westboro Baptist Church”

The producers and directors of the movie Concussion might not want to ask ESPN’s Robert Smith how many thumbs-up he wants to give their new movie. Because, based on his tweets this weekend, Smith might extend them an entirely different digit.

The left’s war against inanimate objects continues unabated. Except this time it appears as though they’ve enlisted a major sports league in the cause.

So what exactly is Deadspin? Here’s how they describe themselves on Twitter: “Sports News without Access, Favor, or Discretion.” Okay, cool. This jives nicely with how I always viewed them. But then I saw this story that Deadspin ran on Monday.

Apparently the Doug Gottlieb Constitutional Law/Anti-2nd Amendment forum has now closed. As we wrote last night, CBS Sports’ Doug Gottlieb launched into one of the more bizarre and insanely dumb twitter rants you’re ever going to see.

Something weird happens when lefty sports talk show hosts have more than enough sports to talk about. For some reason they decide to shun their veritable cornucopia of meaty sports topics, and instead dive into constitutional law.

So, if you were playing a drinking game where you took a shot for every time Bear Grylls congratulates President Obama on saving the world during Thursday night’s episode of “Running Wild with Bear Grylls,” I hope you filled out a will before doing so. Because you are no longer alive.

Apparently Bill Belichick is not the only member of the Patriots organization who has developed an intense dislike for the media. Which sometimes makes him given to spontaneously and abruptly ending press conferences.