Letterman Has 'Great Admiration' for Michelle Wolf: 'Wow, That Was Great'

May 31st, 2018 4:56 PM

Liberal comedienne Michelle Wolf can’t get enough support for her White House Correspondent’s Dinner routine. In the bonus episode of David Letterman’s Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, he praises Wolf for having “the guts to stand up there” and “decimate the place.”

In the episode, “Bonus: You’re Dave Letterman, You Idiot” (yes, after sitting through six hours of David Letterman trying to be funny and asking people about Trump, he adds a 40 minute “bonus” episode), Letterman and Jerry Seinfeld discuss the comedy business before Letterman brings up Wolf.

Letterman dismisses the outrage “from certain elements,” claiming, “Whether you liked it or not, I really had great admiration,” which is something that’s really only ever said when a liberal says something horrible about conservatives.

“There’s no damage,” Letterman argues, caused by the jokes Wolf made. While Wolf made jokes deriding conservative women for their intellect and appearance, in addition to a crude joke about abortion, Letterman claims, at least “she didn’t apologize where, you know, everybody is apologizing for everything.”



While Letterman rambles on about Wolf, Seinfeld manages to stay out of the conversation. Even when Letterman tries to get Seinfeld to say something about Trump, he responds, “It doesn’t interest me.”

Hey, kudos to Seinfeld for not wanting to alienate audience members by ridiculing Trump. Also, kudos to Seinfeld for making one of Letterman’s interviews actually funny.