'The Good Fight' Finale All About Trump Assassination, Affairs, and Dumb Republicans

May 27th, 2018 4:21 PM

The second season finale of CBS’s The Good Fight does not deviate from the show’s Trump obsession. With plots to assassinate the president and fictional Trump infidelity accusations, The Good Fight’s political agenda has never been clearer. The show announced its intentions early in the season with their impeachment episode, where the show claimed that the best way to impeach the president is to throw wildly false accusations at him until something sticks.

Earlier in the season, partner Diane Lockhart (Christine Baranski) had an affair with Tully Nelson, who asserted, “We need to assassinate the president.” Unfortunately for Diane, that conversation comes back to haunt her in Sunday’s finale, “Day 492,” as she’s subpoenaed to testify in front of a grand jury for conspiring to assassinate President Trump.

A former porn star who claims to have slept with President Trump reaches out to Diane to help her escape the conspiracy charge. She explains that it’s Trump’s people who are out to get Diane: “They know your firm’s leading the way on impeachment and the pee-pee tape. Trump’s obsessed with the pee-pee tape.”

The porn star explains to Diane that she is covered by a nondisclosure agreement and that Trump is “terrified” of her. She tells Diane to “follow the women,” to discover the “affairs, the prostitutes, the love child” of the people who are after her.

When Diane looks into any affairs that her prosecutor may have been involved in, she learns that President Trump was having an affair with an ex-Hooters waitress that worked in the White House. Diane’s prosecutor transferred the woman to a Chicago office to stop the affair.

In order to rid herself of the conspiracy charge, Diane plots to accuse the prosecutor of having had the affair with the ex-Hooters waitress. Her partner Adrian Boseman (Delroy Lindo) plants the fake story with idiotic, right wing show host Ted Willoughby of the morning show Ted & Friends. Ted resembles Tucker Carlson and of course the show title is a spoof on Fox & Friends.

Speaking of dumb Republicans, a constant theme throughout the show, Adrian and colleague Julius take part in a team put together by the mayor of Chicago to deal with the “Kill All Lawyers” problem. However, Adrian and Julius realize right away that the team is made up of a bunch of conservative buffoons—the Trump-appointed judge featured in past episodes, the aforementioned show host Ted Willoughby, a silly drama teacher, and a ditzy NRA representative, Keira.

Adrian and Julius push for a gun buy-back program to prevent people from shooting lawyers. However, Keira gives a presentation featuring a bikini-clad woman shooting a gun to push for training and arming lawyers. The three other men in the group ogle over the video and eventually vote with Keira’s proposal.

Show host Ted explains that President Trump watches his show every morning, and that they address the president directly throughout the show. Thus, Adrian knows that planting with Ted the fake story of Diane’s prosecutor’s affair will result in Trump firing the prosecutor, and thereby free Diane.

The second season of this leftist, anti-Trump show has come to a close. With episode after episode dedicated to throwing false accusations at, impeaching, and assassinating President Trump, anyone who happens not to be a die hard liberal will be sad to learn that The Good Fight has been renewed for a third season. Since both seasons of The Good Fight have been all about Trump, I have a feeling the third season will be no different.