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Alexa is MRC Culture's On TV blog editor. She has previously worked for Students for Life for America and Citizens United Productions. Alexa graduated in 2006 from Washington & Lee University.

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In the latest episode of Bones, the title hints to the viewer that the show’s about to get political and “The Senator in the Street Sweeper” does just that. But what is surprising is who is killed off and why.

ABC’s Scandal has been echoing the Clinton Era lately – an affair in the White House, impeachment proceedings, a First Lady turned Senator with Oval Office ambitions – and the episode “Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance” was no different, with one character sounding an awfully lot like Hillary Clinton.

The 49th Annual Country Music Association Awards just wrapped up and while hosts Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood said their goal was to not be political, they still managed to get in some cultural references and shots at the likes of Bruce Jenner, Donald Trump, Josh Duggar, Hillary Clinton, and Dr. Ben Carson.

Comedian Tim Allen is one of the few actors who has made no secret of his personal right of center beliefs, but what is even rarer is that he actually gets to voice his views through the character Mike Baxter on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing.

Two comedians walk into a garage... No joke, that's exactly what happens in the most recent episode of the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, featuring a cameo appearance by former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. In "The Road Less Driven," Leno, who is a car fanatic, plays a mechanic named Joe who has sold an old Impala to Tim Allen's Mike Baxter, also a known car enthusiast back from his days of playing Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on ABC's Home Improvement. Mike is checking out Joe's garage when he makes a quick jab at Obama and over-regulation.

The new Scandal episode, titled “Dog-Whistle Politics,” began as a reenactment of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. It had previously been revealed to the press that main character Olivia Pope was having an affair with the president and the episode has all the same elements -- attacks from the White House on the mistress’s reputation, a First Lady-turned-senator with her eyes set on taking the Oval Office someday, and talks of impeachment -- that we became all too familiar with from 20 years ago. But then, when Marcus Walker is hired to join the Olivia Pope and Associates crisis and public relations firm, the episode takes a racial turn. 

ABC's Fresh Off the Boat is a sitcom about a Taiwanese family grateful to be making the most of the opportunity American life has to offer. At least the mom and dad appreciate the U.S., the grandmother hasn't bothered to learn English and is apparently racist. In this scene, Grandma Huang is in an argument with her daughter-in-law Jessica about their relationship and money that Jessica wants to borrow to invest in a house. When Jessica tries to argue that she has been generously taking care of her mother-in-law while their white neighbor Honey doesn't even know where her own mother is, Grandma makes the valid point that it is her obligation, but then lets loose with a racist!

Fox's futuristic new series Minority Report has already whitewashed the "Redskins" from the Washington football team's name. Now we see they've also added President Barack Obama to the 500 dollar bill. In this scene, one of the charcters is offering money to change his identity. The shot lingers on the pile of cash long enough for us to see Obama's face and the point to be made.

After last week's Last Man Standing just name dropped Hillary Clinton, this week's episode "Ping-pong" got even more specific, turning into an entire anti-Clinton episode that brings up everything from Benghazi to draft dodging. The show begins with Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) surprised at finding a fundraising letter from Hillary in the mail. It's no mistake, his wife reveals, which leads to a confrontation with her junior ROTC daughter over Hillary that will carry on throughout the episode.

How to Get Away with Murder is back at it again, going over the top with sex stuff. The whole episode was dedicated to sex, even the title of the episode is a reference to a sex act – “It’s Called The Octopus.” As the show creator Pete Nowalk said, “Sex is part of the framework of the show.” The client of the week for defense attorney Annalise (Viola Davis) and her law students is a woman charged with murder because a man had a heart attack and died while having sex with her at a sex club she owns.

After Leonard and Penny suddenly eloped, the guys decide it's time to take him on an overdue bachelor party to Mexico. Meanwhile the girls stay at home to have their own get together and Amy brings over graphic "genital cookies." EW!

A few months ago Bruce Jenner shocked the world with his infamous "Call Me Caitlyn" Vanity Fair cover and article. Now on the Keeping Up with the Kardashians episode "Vanity Unfair," we see it from the perspective of the Kardashian girls - and things aren't as rosy as they were made out to be. The family is still adjusting to Jenner's new life and find some of the quotes in the article painful.

Amidst all the shows with a blatant liberal agenda, “Last Man Standing” is a lone conservative voice on ABC; a gem hidden away in the 8pm Friday night slot. The latest episode of the sitcom, "Free Range Parents," hits scaredy-cat overprotective parents, leftwing news, and even Hillary Clinton. Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) is trying to get his son-in-law, Ryan, to allow his grandson to walk 6 blocks home from school by himself, but liberal Ryan worries too much about everything, from diabetes to free range parenting, or as Mike calls it, “childhood.”

This week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians: "It's Good to be Home" shows the emotional toll it takes on a family when the husband and father suddenly decides he wants to become a woman. Of course you know that Bruce Jenner left his wife of almost 25 years, Kris, to transition into "Caitlyn." All we hear about is how "stunning" and "brave" Jenner is for being transgender, but behind all this celebration what we finally see is the broken family left behind.

The 12th season of Grey's Anatomy has begun and my, how it is showing its age! Apparently the episode was titled “Sledgehammer” to indicate that they are going to beat us over the head with the same liberal themes all season long.

Maybe they should have called it The Transgemmys. The 67th Primetime Emmy Awards was a veritable smorgasbord of transgender celebration and advocacy. Hollywood was tripping over itself to prove how progressive and welcoming it is to the hot new trend in gender and sexuality.

During the 2016 Miss America Competition Miss Tennessee was asked a question by a judge about taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood. Not only was the question phrased in a way that distanced the abortion giant from its main business of abortion, but Miss Tennessee's response could have been mistaken for an advertisement for Planned Parenthood - complete with the lie that Planned Parenthood provides mammograms.

On the episode “Gender” of The Carmichael Show, main character Jerrod Carmichael is paired up with a kid through the Big Brother program who confesses to him that he is gay. Jerrod is freaked out at first by the responsibility of guiding a teen who is coming out, so he consults with his parents because “the world's a tough, judgmental place, and you two are the toughest, most judgmental people I know.”

After talking with his family, Jerrod feels confident that he can handle it. But that’s when the boy drops a bomb – he isn’t gay (that's so passé!), he’s transgender (all the rage on TV right now!)

Actress Rebel Wilson did a comedic police bit on the MTV 2015 Video Music Awards and the Black Lives Matter activists were none too pleased. 

Trouble in paradise! ABC's "Mistresses" has been pushing polygamy and polyamory lately, but in the most recent episode, titled "Murder She Wrote," they discover three person relationships are hard!

In this scene, Alec and Vivian (who are married to each other) are fighting about the fact that Alec didn't tell her he had sex alone with Karen (who is the third person in their polyamory relationship) while Vivian was away.