A day after disgraced Democrat Anthony Weiner was reduced to tears, CBS This Morning on Tuesday couldn’t be bothered to identify the political party of the man going to prison for sexting a 15-year old girl. Yet, journalists on the same show referred to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore as an “arch conservative.” 

On Tuesday's New Day, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo suggested that, when President Donald Trump spoke out against athletes kneeling during the National Anthem, the President was trying to "out-ugly-American" Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore. The CNN host also fretted over Trump commenting via Twitter that there was a "great" amount of "anger" in the U.S. over the unpatriotic behavior.


In recent days, race-obsessed MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson has again been going off the rails with hyperbolic accusations of racism. Not only did he oddly accuse Toys R Us of promoting "white supremacy," but he even made a crack about Republicans and the KKK as he described the Alabama GOP Senate primary contest as "the Ku Klux versus the Klan."


On Thursday's New Day, liberal CNN anchor Chris Cuomo hammered Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore over his resistance to same-sex "marriage." Cuomo forwarded many of the talking points of the social left during the long segment: "It used to be legal to have slaves. Your state had a lot of laws on the books, like other states, where times changed, and those laws had to change. And this is another example of that." He also asserted that Alabama "created a constitutional amendment that, by design, discriminated against gay people."

The Birmingham News is the largest newspaper in Alabama (even though it only publishes a print edition three times a week now.) That could be in part due to leftist pranks. The chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, Roy Moore, has defiantly ordered a halt on gay marriage licenses, prompting News commentator Kyle Whitmire to offer a Readers Poll on Sunday asking “Is Roy Moore a closeted homosexual?”

Liberals apparently love this question, because the poll results are 71 percent yes, 6 percent no, and 22 percent “Maybe, but just that one time in college.” It probably won’t be shocking to note that Whitmire was a stringer for The New York Times for seven years (2005-12).