CNN Hires Anti-Trump Republican John Kasich as Senior Commentator

January 15th, 2019 12:05 PM
Never Trump Republicans who lose elections keep seeming to find new jobs on cable news. In an unsurprising move, CNN announced Tuesday that they’ve hired former Ohio governor and vocal Trump critic John Kasich as a senior political commentator for the network. The network also recently hired never-Trump Republican Rep. Mia Love, who lost her re-election for Congress this past Fall, as political…

Winning Strategy: Kasich Wants Stephanopoulos’s Advice on a 2020 Run

November 25th, 2018 12:41 PM
Ohio Governor John Kasich was one of the last two holdouts against Donald Trump during the 2016 GOP primaries and since then, he has become a go-to for the liberal media when they need a never-Trump Republican to bash the President. He has also become a name the liberal media love to throw around as a contender to knock out Trump in 2020. During an appearance on ABC’s This Week, Sunday, Kasich…

CNN's Camerota Pleads with Kasich to Primary Trump in 2020

January 30th, 2018 5:29 PM
2016 Republican presidential candidate and Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has remained a critic of the Trump administration, fielded questions from New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota about a possible 2020 Presidential run on Tuesday.  

Irony: Pro-Abort CBS Decries Budget Hit on Society’s ‘Weakest Members'

May 24th, 2017 1:02 PM
The aggressively pro-abortion journalists at CBS have suddenly discovered a need to protect society’s “weakest members.” But it’s not a turn towards respecting the pro-life position. No, the hosts of CBS This Morning on Wednesday used this talking point as a way to decry Donald Trump’s proposed budget. 

John Kasich's New Book Sinks and Sinks on Amazon

April 30th, 2017 10:09 PM
Ohio governor and failed presidential candidate John Kasich had his new book, Two Paths: America Divided or United, published on April 25 and after just the first week it has already sunk beneath the waves of public disinterest to #264 as of this writing on Amazon. It doesn't take any great genius to figure out that he thinks President Donald Trump represents the "Divided" while the son of a…

CBS Pushes Kasich From the Left: Want to Decry Trump’s ‘Wrong Path?’

April 24th, 2017 5:11 PM
The journalists on CBS This Morning, Monday, goaded John Kasich to attack Donald Trump, lauding the moderate Republican governor. Democratic donor Gayle King, who vacations with Barack Obama, lobbed this softball: “You believe that historians will scratch their heads and look at this election as a tipping point. What will they see?”

AP Vastly Overplays Its New Respect For Never-Trumper John Kasich

January 17th, 2017 5:57 PM
Because he was the "singular 2016 (GOP) presidential contender never to fall in line behind Trump," Ohio Governor and two-time former presidential candidate John Kasich now has the Associated Press's deep respect. This largely explains why the wire service has been all too willing to ignore the fact that Kasich alone owns Ohio's impending budget problems.

NY Times Captures Only a Portion of Ohio's Dramatic 2016 Shift

November 13th, 2016 11:23 PM
Considering that it's coming from the New York Times, reporter Sabrina Tavernise's account of what happened in Ohio to swing it from a close Obama win in 2012 to a near-blowout for Donald Trump in 2016 was reasonably well-done, but still had glaring flaws. Her story's human interest elements were strong, but the accompanying statistics provided were sparse, and really needed to be there to tell…

TNT Host Movingly Talks Faith in Jesus, Hope for America Post-Election

November 10th, 2016 10:05 PM
A slew of sports media outlets have covered the presidential election results and while many lashed out at President-elect Donald Trump, TNT’s NBA pre- and post-game personalities struck a different tone and led by host Ernie Johnson revealing that while he disliked both candidates, but was “hopeful” for the future due to his identity as follower and believer in Jesus Christ. Johnson ruled that,…

Salon Writer: ‘Bad-Faith Criticisms of Liberalism’ Led to Trump

October 28th, 2016 10:12 AM
Some left-wing pundits, anticipating that Donald Trump will lose on November 8, are pre-emptively trying to make sure that conservatives take the blame for Trump’s nomination. Gary Legum of Salon argued that right-wing news outlets “have both spent the better part of the Obama administration pushing the exact silly demagoguery  and conspiracy theories that riled up the conservative base and…

Juan Williams: Hillary Was Right About Trump's 'Deplorables'

September 19th, 2016 3:03 PM
It's been ten days since Hillary Clinton made her "basket of deplorables" remark, claiming that "half" of Donald Trump's supporters, i.e., essentially one-fourth of all Americans, is one or more of the following: "racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic," and a catch-all in case she missed anything, "You name it." Since then, the most revealing aspect of the fallout from those…

Williams's First Show Plays It Safe, Ends with Riff on Hillary's Plane

September 7th, 2016 1:35 AM
Following a spectacular downfall from NBC Nightly News anchor to disgraced and suspended serial liar to MSNBC breaking news anchor, Brian Williams was handed the keys on Tuesday night to a show all his own on MSNBC for the first time since that fateful February 2015 evening when he admitted to being less than accurate about a story from the Iraq War.

Media Swoon as Barack Obama Plays 300th Round of Golf as President

August 11th, 2016 7:02 PM
As Barack Obama prepares to leave the White House in January, the press is noting the president's accomplishments over the past seven years and seven months. According to the fawning mainstream media, one of the heights the 55-year-old Democrat has reached is not boosting the country's economy nor successes in foreign policy, but instead that Obama has played more than 300 rounds of golf since…

TV News Touts Trump, Crushes Cruz and Gives Bernie a Shot at Hillary

May 3rd, 2016 8:45 AM
A look at the past four months of news coverage shows Donald Trump received three times as much TV news coverage as his closest rival, Ted Cruz, and a whopping 15 times as much as John Kasich. On the Democratic side, however, the gap was much narrower, with Bernie Sanders getting more than two minutes of TV news coverage for every three minutes given to Hillary Clinton. In other words, the…