So Much for Fame: John Kasich's New Book Sinks and Sinks on Amazon

April 30th, 2017 10:09 PM

Ohio governor and failed presidential candidate John Kasich had his new book, Two Paths: America Divided or United, published on April 25 and after just the first week it has already sunk beneath the waves of public disinterest to #264 as of this writing on Amazon. So much for the sales appeal of a presidential candidacy. It doesn't take any great genius to figure out that he thinks President Donald Trump represents the evil "Divided" while the son of a mailman is somehow the enlightened "United" one.

Although it is obvious that Kasich holds himself in incredibly high esteem, the rest of the country has a very different point of view considering that of all the primaries, he won only in his home state of Ohio. After putting all his marbles into winning New Hampshire which he lost to Trump, Kasich never advanced much beyond being permanently relegated to the edges of the debate stages. The only reason why anyone even paid any attention to him was due to his strategy of eating sloppy food like a slob on camera in the latter stages of his failed campaign.

After breaking his pledge to support the eventual GOP nominee, the Buckeye Ingrate showed his utter contempt, as a DIVIDER, for the system by refusing to even attend the Republican convention in the Ohio host city of Cleveland. To rub in his disdain for that convention he even broadcast his spoiled brat attitude by being active on the Cleveland periphery of the convention such as notably appearing at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame and other non-convention events

Remember the kid who knocked over the Monopoly game board because he was losing? Yeah, that's John Kasich except he has proven himself to be much more delusional than any annoying kid you ever knew. An example is his video late in the primary season, when it was clear he had no hope of being nominated, portraying himself as the Republican nominee at the convention which he didn't attend.

His hubris on steroids even led Kasich to believe before election day that on the heels of Trump's expected defeat he would end up as the savior of the Republican party. Yes, Kasich wasn't going to delay a bit after the election to announce unto all the peoples of the world that he would lead them back to the promised land. The only problem is that the gods of political fate had a very very special form of delicious karmatic kickback to knock him down to size as you can read in this Columbus Dispatch story published the day after the election that shocked Kasich as much as it did the Hillary Clinton campaign:

Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s apparent plans to quickly insert his voice into the recrafting of the Republican Party have been scuttled.

Kasich had planned to speak Thursday at the American Enterprise Institute, a public policy think tank, in Washington D.C., sources close to the governor said Tuesday.

But, the speech was canceled today in the wake of President-Elect Donald Trump’s upset victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton, a source said.

Kasich unsuccessfully battled Trump for the GOP presidential nomination and then refused to endorse and vote for a candidate he considers divisive and out of touch with Republican values. He had been nurturing thoughts of running again for the presidency in 2020 if Clinton had won.

Kasich’s objections to Trump as beyond the GOP mainstream held no sway with Ohio voters, who gave Trump a shocking win of nearly 9 percent over Clinton.

After his well deserved punishment by the laughing fates, Mr. Delusional added this comedy kicker:

In an exclusive interview with The Dispatch recently, Kasich said he wanted a role in reviving his party.

After breaking your pledge to support that party's nominee and shunning its national convention in your own state? Not a chance, John. And the barometer of your future role in the party can be measured by the status of your book's sales record: sunken and still sinking.