The government shutdown has made it abundantly obvious that the anti-conservative news media and the anti-conservative Republican establishment have joined together to the point where it’s almost impossible to see where one ends and the other begins. Some might say they merge every day on the set of “Morning Joe.”

The media have designated as Public Enemy Number One a recalcitrant bloc of Tea Party stalwarts who have declared their intention to stop Barack Obama’s statist juggernaut from imposing the Obamacare monstrosity, running up trillion-dollar deficits year after year, and in so doing destroying the private sector. Amazingly, the same wailing and gnashing of teeth has come from the liberal Republicans.

In his Monday column Politico's Roger Simon unleashed an anti-GOP rant where he accused the Republican Party of letting "racism out of the closet," accused it of waging "a war against babies" and wished death on two of its leaders Ted Cruz and John Boehner.

In his column headlined "Government shutdown unleashes racism" Simon wasted no time in attacking Republicans by putting his twist on old anti-lawyer joke: "Question: If Ted Cruz and John Boehner were both on a sinking ship, who would be saved? Answer: America." Simon then went on to accuse Cruz of "making a war against babies," as seen in the following excerpt:

The liberal media have taken sides in the government shutdown debate and not surprisingly holds only one party to blame - the GOP.  In the last week liberal anchors, reporters and writers have depicted fiscal conservatives in terms usually reserved for terrorists as they’ve hyperbolically charged that Republicans were being run by a “suicide caucus” that is holding America “hostage.”

The following is the Top 8 list of the Nastiest Liberal Media Quotes Blaming the GOP for the Shutdown: (Videos after the jump)

On CNN Tuesday, Politico's Roger Simon slammed the "extreme right-wing" for using "food as a political weapon," for taking the GOP "hostage," and for denying "health care to 11 million people" in favor of a shutdown.

"The extreme right-wing of the Republican Party has taken that party hostage, at least in the House of Representatives," Simon ranted. He summarized their current position on the shutdown: "[W]e would rather shut down the government than extend health care to 11 million people."

As the media predictably gush and fawn over the thought of Hillary Clinton as president, there's something extremely obvious they've been missing.

Rather surprisingly, Roger Simon, the perilously liberal chief political columnist at Politico, asked the $64 million question on CNN's Reliable Sources Sunday, "How good a job did she really do as Secretary of State?" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Nothing is more amusing than having a liberal “columnist” comment on the state of the conservative movement.  It seems as though Politico’s Roger Simon is one such liberal who feels it is his duty to trash conservatism on a regular basis.

Speaking with MSNBC’s Craig Melvin on March 14, Simon commented that CPAC is “the militant wing of the Republican Party.”  Simon, who criticizes conservatives on a regular basis believes that the majority of speakers at CPAC are “on the extremes of American politics.”  [See video after jump.  MP3 audio here.]

Here at NewsBusters, we usually ignore commentary and op-ed pieces because there is no pretense that such items are objective news reports. But from time to time we come across something so egregious, so over-the-top, that it merits exposure and derision. Such is the case with Roger Simon's latest screed in Politico, "Save the sequester, crush the children!" which cranks the crazy up to 11 right out of the gate.

"If American politics has but one purpose in modern times, it is to crush the hopes and dreams of young people everywhere," Simon opened melodramatically, "And this is why President Barack Obama’s closing of the White House to public tours makes so much sense." The Politico opinion writer groused that the tour cancelation was a way to "[bring] the problem "home" to ordinary Americans who caused the sequester crisis in the first place." Only, in truth, "Ordinary Americans did not cause the sequester crisis in any way, shape or form," Simon added, before launching into a dizzying screed that blamed congressional Republicans as much as the president, if not more so, for the sequester:

The liberal media cheerleading for United Nations ambassador Susan Rice to become Secretary of State despite her repeated claims that September's attack on our consulate in Libya were a reaction to an anti-Muslim video are becoming nauseating.

On PBS's Inside Washington Friday, Politico's Roger Simon actually said, "John McCain named Sarah Palin to be a heartbeat away from the presidency but he won’t vote for Susan Rice ’cause he can’t trust her. That’s absurd" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Libtalker Ed Schultz and The Nation magazine's John Nichols could soon be receiving a flood of offers to buy swampland in Florida. Perhaps by then they will each be a bit more skeptical.

Both were among numerous liberals who yesterday took hold of a bogus story by the hook and swam for all it was worth. (audio clips after page break)

Political satirist Mark Russell came out of retirement Friday to trash Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Speaking to PBS Inside Washington host Gordon Peterson, Russell said, "No comedian wants Obama to win. We may vote for Obama, but we want, we want Romney" (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary):

"Bill Clinton, whatever you want to say about how he conducted himself, had a very important and elevated view of the Office of the Presidency."

So amazingly said Politico's Roger Simon on PBS's Inside Washington Friday (video follows with transcribed highlights).

NewsBusters reported Friday that Politico's Roger Simon, appearing on PBS's Inside Washington, accused the Romney campaign of employing a racist "dog whistle" in its anti-Obama welfare ad.

Also appearing on the program was syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer who scolded, "Any time a real issue is brought up here, all of a sudden it’s a silent dog whistle that only liberals hear...Clinton’s the guy who passed the law in the first place. Was that a dog whistle? Was he a racist?" (Video follows with transcript and commentary).