After briefly alluding to the Clinton Foundation scandal on Monday’s CBS This Morning, the CBS Evening News made no mention of the scandal or a damning new book on the subject from author Peter Schweizer on its Monday evening broadcast. Both ABC’s World News Tonight and NBC Nightly News did cover the story as well as Hillary Clinton’s response Monday afternoon in New Hampshire, but also parroted Clinton campaign talking points in responding to Schweizer’s allegations.

Author and Hoover Institution research fellow Peter Schweizer took on a gaggle of liberals on MSNBC Friday and demonstrated that no matter how outnumbered a conservative is, he’ll likely win the debate.

Of greater consequence, regardless of substitute host Matt Miller’s numerous attempts to keep liberal contributors Krystal Ball and Touré on the topic of reining in excesses on Wall Street, they just wanted to attack their conservative opponent (video follows with transcribed highlights and commentary).

The ignorance of television news anchors is at times breathtaking.

Chris Matthews, a man with two nationally televised programs, said Tuesday night on MSNBC that until President Obama brought it up during the State of the Union address, he had never heard of Congressional insider trading (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Last month, NewsBusters reported 60 Minutes cherry-picking Peter Schweizer's book about Congressional insider trading to make it appear the problem was largely a Republican one.

Schweizer did a phone interview with NewsBusters last week to discuss this matter in greater detail including how with the exception of Fox News, despite this being a bipartisan issue, the media have largely ignored it to protect liberal politicians they revere (video follows with transcript):

As NewsBusters previously reported, 60 Minutes on Sunday cherry picked Peter Schweizer's book "Throw Them All Out" to give the appearance that Congressional insider trading was mainly a Republican problem.

On Fox News's Special Report Monday, host Bret Baier cited our article on this subject (video follows with transcript and commentary):

To give you an idea of the lengths the Huffington Post will go to defend liberal politicians those involved in the website revere, a front page piece on Monday took the side of House Speaker John Boehner (R-Oh.) in order to give cover to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.).

Inside the front page headline story "60 Misses: CBS Gets It Wrong On Boehner, Pelosi Stock Trading," HuffPo reporter Ryan Grim went where seemingly no HuffPo reporter has gone before:

When CBS's Steve Kroft recently asked House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) some penetrating questions about stock purchases she and her husband made, the internet was abuzz with rumors about an upcoming 60 Minutes installment about the wealthy couple that have been known to use her political interest for their mutual benefit.

Unfortunately, this Sunday's 60 Minutes piece about Congressional insider trading cherry picked from author Peter Schweizer's soon to be released book "Throw Them All Out" to make it look like this is largely a Republican scandal (video follows with commentary):

On Wednesday NewsBusters exposed Occupy Wall Street supporter Michael Moore for lying on national television about his wealth.

Clearly feeling the pressure to come clean, the schlockumentary filmmaker took to his blog Thursday to set the record straight - kind of: