Media Ignore Hunter Biden's Ties to China

March 21st, 2019 6:35 PM

On Wednesday's Ingraham Angle, host Laura Ingraham covered the paperback release of a book written by Peter Schweizer that revealed “that a private equity firm managed by the son of former Vice President Biden struck a deal with China’s state-owned bank in 2013 at the same time that Biden was in the country to meet with President Xi Jinping.” Not surprisingly, the rest of the media did not share her interest in covering this story.

Ingraham interviewed Schweizer, who explained that Vice President Biden’s son Hunter Biden travelled to China with his father in December 2013 before mentioning that ten days after they returned from the trip, “Hunter Biden’s small private equity firm called Rosemont Seneca Partners gets a $1 billion private equity deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporations, with the Chinese government.”

After highlighting how Biden went “soft on Beijing” following his overseas trip, Schweizer accused China of “buying off Biden through his son.”



Schweizer described Hunter Biden’s ties to China as merely “the tip of the iceberg.” The author explained that the trial of Biden’s business partner enabled him to gain access to the financial records of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, a “pass-through” where most of the money ended up going to the former Vice President’s son. 

Schweizer proceeded to outline in detail “the money going into the account,” which included “$3.1 million from corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs,” “$1 million from the Chinese,” “moneys from a Kazak oligarch, and “$1.2 million from some LLC from a Swiss bank that’s been implicated in money laundering.” 

Ingraham pointed out that the media and the left have spent the past two years accusing President Trump of being bought off by the Russians and yet the same media haven't shown the same interest in the Biden family’s ties to China and other shady foreign government officials. Ingraham concluded the segment by noting the “stunning lack of curiosity on the part of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, New York Times.”

Based on the media’s almost cheerleader-like coverage of Biden’s possible presidential run, it makes perfect sense why this story “just gets buried,” as Ingraham put it.

NBC’s Chuck Todd got all excited over the weekend that Biden “keeps leaving these Easter Eggs and dropping these hints about whether or not he may run.” And earlier in the month, NBC News White House Correspondent Kristen Welker had expressed her excitement about “the former Vice President dropping his strongest hints yet about a presidential run.”

A transcript of the relevant portion of Wednesday’s edition of The Ingraham Angle is below. Click “expand” to read more.

The Ingraham Angle


10:15 p.m. Eastern

LAURA INGRAHAM: And while Uncle Joe likes to talk about President Trump’s family enriching itself in the White House, don’t forget now, this is really important that Biden’s son, sons Hunter, who…allegedly tied to the Chinese government. Well, what’s that all about? Author Peter Schweizer first revealed this in a book last year that a private equity firm managed by the son of former Vice President Biden stuck a deal with China’s state-owned bank in 2013 at the same time that Biden was in the country to meet with President Xi Jinping. Here now is Peter Schweizer, author of the book Secret Empires, which comes out in paperback March 26. Peter, now what do you believe the Chinese were trying to accomplish by doing business with Hunter Biden? 

PETER SCHWEIZER: Well, I think, Laura, they accomplished what they set out to do. And that was to get favor, curry favor with Joe Biden. You talked about it in your introduction, Joe Biden was criticized in the latter parts of the Obama administration for going soft on Beijing; on the South China Sea, on trade, and on human rights. Look, it’s very simple. In December of 2013, Hunter Biden flies on Air Force 2 to Beijing, China, with his father. His father meets with Chinese officials, he’s very soft on Beijing, the most important thing that happens happens ten days after they return. And that’s when Hunter Biden’s small, private equity firm called Rosemont Seneca partners, gets a $1 billion private equity deal with the Chinese government, not with the Chinese corporation, with the government. And what people need to realize is Hunter Biden has no background in China, he has no background in private equity, the deal he got in the Shanghai tree… free-trade zone, nobody else had. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Blackstone, nobody had this deal. So it’s very, very clear and that’s the first of a series of deals that Hunter Biden strikes with the Chinese government, so there’s no question, when you chart what Joe Biden is doing with China, the meetings he’s having, and the deals that his sign is procuring at the same time, that they are buying off Biden through his son. I think it’s crystal clear. 

INGRAHAM: And they have spent the last two years trying to say, well, you had a hotel that you wanted to build in Moscow. Like, nothing came of that! And they make such a big deal, and this just gets buried. If you didn’t write about this in your book, and I wasn’t, my memory wasn’t jogged the other day when I was thinking, wait, wasn’t there a Hunter Biden and I’ve looked back, looked it back up…and people wouldn’t even be talking about this. This, in and of itself, is like a disqualifier. 

SCHWEIZER: Yeah, well, look, Laura, this is the tip of the iceberg. There was a court case last year, Hunter Biden’s business partner went on trial on an unrelated case, we got access to the financial records, the Morgan-Stanley financial records of Rosemont Seneca Bohai, which was a pass-through going out of that account, the most money going out of that account went to Hunter Biden. The money going into the account, there’s $3.1 million from corrupt Ukrainian oligarchs. There’s $1 million from the Chinese. There’s moneys from a Kazak oligarch. There’s $1.2 million from some LLC from a Swiss bank that’s been implicated in money laundering. We don’t even know who’s behind the mysterious policy.

INGRAHAM: Anything else?

SCHWEIZER: Exactly, this is all going on while Joe Biden is Vice President steering foreign policy. 

INGRAHAM: Okay, there’s a stunning lack of curiosity on the part of CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Washington PostNew York Times, or I’ve missed all of that reporting. Peter, awesome work.


INGRAHAM: You’re going to keep reporting on this, correct? 

SCHWEIZER: Absolutely. 

INGRAHAM: Okay, Peter, thank you so much.