It’s time for another edition of NewsBusters Time Machine. MSNBC journalists make a lot of statements that are highly mockable. But it was ten years ago today, on March 23, 2009, that fill-in host David Shuster derided the obvious liberal love affair for Barack Obama as a “fantasy.” 

Sometimes it’s an understatement to say journalists live in a bubble. On the one hand, they thrill over Barack Obama as “God.” Yet, on March 23, 2009, MSNBC anchor David Shuster called it a “fantasy” to say that the press was pro-Obama. Other examples from This Week in Media Bias History: That time Ted Turner created a slobbering propaganda film on the Soviet Union, a country that “belongs to the people.”

On Friday night’s The Kelly File on the Fox News Channel, host Megyn Kelly took up the shoe-throwing incident with Hillary Clinton. “That was former secretary of state Hillary Clinton, dodging a shoe that was hurled at her during a keynote speech on Thursday. But this is not, of course, the first time that a political figure sadly has been targeted with flying footwear.”

She then showed the two shoes thrown at President Bush in Iraq, and brought on MRC president Brent Bozell to explain the disparity in media coverage. “And our next guest says the media's reaction to these two incidents could not be more different.” (Video below)

David "Karl Rove Will Be Indicted" Shuster is the latest cable-news host to join the Al-Jazeera America team. CNN's Ali Velshi signed up early, and Soledad O'Brien will be a special correspondent providing documentaries. The channel launches and replaces Current TV on August 20, the channel Al Gore sold (out) to the emir of Qatar in January for a reported $500 million (and maybe more). Current TV is presently available in 60 million homes, and seen by much, much less.

As part of its ongoing campaign to buy all the "mainstream" TV news veterans it can to rub prestige on itself, the Arab "news" channel also hired a new president in ABC News executive Kate O'Brian, a 30-year veteran of ABC. ABC News chief Ben Sherwood called the news "exciting and bittersweet." In the official press release, O'Brian, like other new hires, praises the al-Jazeera brand as synonymous with excellence, not Jew-baiting, America-bashing propaganda:

Former MSNBC host David Shuster spoke to National Journal on Thursday about the liberal network's falling ratings and observed: "When you're too predictably a mouthpiece for the administration and you cast your lot with the president's performance, there's a risk."

On New Year's Day, perhaps before he learned that his current employer's enterprise would be sold to Al Jazeera, Current TV's David Shuster took to the bandwidth of the Huffington Post to ask that former NBC/MSNBC colleague David Gregory apologize for his December 23 gun magazine-waving stunt on Meet the Press.

Get a load of the sense of self-importance Shuster gives the Sunday news show (bolds are mine):

It has been over six years since David Shuster consulted his inner Jason Leopold and boldly predicted that "I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted." Apparently the bitterness of having to publicly eat crow has lingered to this day to the point that Shuster continues to be obsessed over the fact that the non-indictment of Rove turned him into a laughingstock condemned to the reportorial hell of the no-rated Current TV. Shuster's bile overflows in his Huffington Post Open Letter to Karl Rove slamming him for daring to call ObamaCare's Medicare scheme a cut:

Al Gore has had quite a varied career since coming within 537 pregnant chads of the presidency in 2000. He has sat on the board of directors of Apple, shilled carbon credit indulgences to guilty liberals, and starred in "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary.  There is even a wild rumor that Gore has written movie reviews.  However the latest news about Al Gore concerns his Current TV which is like a public access channel for has-been politicians. According to this story, Gore has consulted his inner chakra and has decided to become a convention reporter. This has resulted in some interesting media reactions to this news but the funniest is probably this wry observation from Jonah Goldberg of National Review who tweeted:

If Al Gore's career trajectory keeps up he'll be a blogger-intern at Media Matters by the end of the decade.

Anyone looking for how low this campaign rhetoric can go should just tune in to Current TV. Brian Maloney at Radio Equalizer found that on the Stephanie Miller radio show (or Talking Liberally on Current TV), former MSNBC host David Shuster suggested Mitt Romney is so "socially inept" that he probably has some form of autism or Asperger's syndrome.

Shuster also suggested that since Ann Romney's horse Rafalca performed so poorly in dressage at the London Olympics, Mitt Romney should say "I bought a hammer to hit Rafalca over the head for getting, you know, 30th place after we took a $77,000 dollar tax write-off." Video and transcript below.

David Shuster is predicting the imminent indictment of Karl Rove.


That was Shuster as an MSNBC host back in 2006. In his current incarnation on the no-rated Current TV he is predicting the possible indictment of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Despite making himself a laughingstock six years ago by projecting visions of Karl Rove being frogwalked across the White House lawn, Shuster now seems intent on delivering an encore performance.

On MSNBC on Monday, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue anchor David Shuster decried a lack of "standards" on Fox News: "The inflammatory rhetoric from the wing nuts, is it merely entertaining or seriously dangerous?....Shouldn't there be some standards at some of these other networks? I mean, that's a problem, isn't it? There's no standards."