'Karl Rove Indictment' Shuster Predicts Same for Scott Walker

June 5th, 2012 6:00 PM

David Shuster is predicting the imminent indictment of Karl Rove.


That was Shuster as an MSNBC host back in 2006. In his current incarnation on the no-rated Current TV he is predicting the possible indictment of Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Despite making himself a laughingstock six years ago by projecting visions of Karl Rove being frogwalked across the White House lawn, Shuster now seems intent on delivering an encore performance.

Here is David Shuster himself breathlessly predicting the possible indictment of Karl Rove, uh, I mean Scott Walker:

According to government lawyers familiar with a Milwaukee criminal corruption probe, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is now a "target" of the investigation.

The legal sources, who are not involved in Wisconsin's recall, spoke on condition of anonymity. They said Walker faces "serious legal challenges," including "a possible indictment," regardless of the election results on Tuesday.

And how many other journalists did these "legal sources" leak to? Apparently none since David Shuster is the only one reporting on Rove's, I mean Walker's, "possible indictment." So of all the people to leak this supposed inside info to, these "legal sources" somehow decided to give it to the person who ended up with egg on his face due to Karl Rove's non-indictment.

What is fascinating is that David Shuster delivered both predictions with identical expressions of smug certitude. First you can see the video below of Shuster at about the 2 minute mark delivering his prediction, conveniently timed for just before the recall election, of the possible indictment of Scott Walker:


Now compare the above video with the video below of Shuster six years ago predicting the indictment of Scott Walker, uh, I mean Karl Rove with the remarkably similar expressions of smugness:


Of course, no story about David Shuster's predictions is complete without his infamous money quote so here goes:

I am convinced that Karl Rove will, in fact, be indicted.

Oh, and David, did you use the same "anonymous sources" on your Scott Walker story as you did on the Karl Rove indictment story, namely those two "reliable journalists," William Rivers Pitt and Jason Leopold?