Al Gore: Current TV Convention Cub Reporter

August 9th, 2012 6:46 PM

Al Gore has had quite a varied career since coming within 537 pregnant chads of the presidency in 2000. He has sat on the board of directors of Apple, shilled carbon credit indulgences to guilty liberals, and starred in "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary.  There is even a wild rumor that Gore has written movie reviews.  However the latest news about Al Gore concerns his Current TV which is like a public access channel for has-been politicians. According to this story, Gore has consulted his inner chakra and has decided to become a convention reporter. This has resulted in some interesting media reactions to this news but the funniest is probably this wry observation from Jonah Goldberg of National Review who tweeted:

If Al Gore's career trajectory keeps up he'll be a blogger-intern at Media Matters by the end of the decade.

The Hollywood Reporter gives us the the details of Al Gore's new gig:

Al Gore is taking a rare step in front of the cameras on Current TV.

The news-focused cable network, which the former vice president co-founded in 2005, said Wednesday that Gore will take lead during the upcoming coverage of the Democratic and Republican national conventions.

Current TV personalities Jennifer Granholm (the former Michigan governor), Eliot Spitzer (the former New York governor and Keith Olbermann replacement) and Young Turks host Cenk Uygur will join Gore during a nightly

Here is the reaction to this "all-star" Current TV convention coverage lineup from David Zurawik of the Baltimore Sun:

This promises to be cartoon convention coverage -- a bunch of ideologues acting like they are "covering" these historic rituals of the election process.

And the biggest cartoon character of them all, outside of Al Gore, will be David "Karl Rove Indictment" Shuster who is also scheduled to report from the conventions for Current TV. Keep in mind, Shuster, with a smug smile of certitude, practically guaranteed the indictment of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. Shuster's report on this came very conveniently just before the recall election in June. Since then...not a peep on this subject from Shuster.

Now here is where it gets interesting... One of the speakers at the GOP convention will be none other than Scott Walker. So will David Shuster ask Walker why he hasn't been indicted? Perhaps Shuster could also ask the same question of Karl Rove if he visits the convention. Perhaps some convention delegate will ask Shuster: "Dude, where's my Scott Walker indictment?" However, holding up a sign behind Shuster as he reports that says, "Dude where's my Scott Walker indictment?" would be wrong...sooo wrong. I mean you wouldn't want to publicly embarrass Shuster on this matter?

One plus for Current TV is that with convention cub reporters like Al Gore, Client Number Nine, and David Shuster, that channel could provide more laughs than Comedy Central.....