Friday marks Barbara Walters’ retirement from ABC’s The View. On that show, and throughout her forty-year career at ABC News, the longtime reporter has shown an inclination to suck-up to liberal heroes like former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (“His bold actions on issues like gun safety...has inspired many”) and ask silly softball questions to the likes of Barack Obama (“If you were a superhero and you could have one super power, what would it be?”)

She even had a soft-spot for tyrants as she described Syrian dictator Bashar Al-Assad as “charming,” called Venezuelan strong man Hugo Chavez “friendly” and once bragged that she held Fidel Castro’s “gun in my lap.” Walters also hired ultra-liberal Rosie O’Donnell to rant crazily on The View and told Sarah Palin “many people find the thought of you as President a little scary.” [Top 20 video countdown after the jump]

In the last week of Barbara Walters appearing regularly on "The View" on ABC, beware of those who badly keep tabs on Babs. Start with the New York Daily News and TV writer David Hinckley, who unleashed this whopper.

"You hope people can feel comfortable when they go on ‘The View’,” says Walters. “It’s a show that should let you relax and be yourself.” Hinckley added: "That seemed to work for both Obama and his 2012 presidential opponent Mitt Romney...." Hinckley somehow missed that Mitt Romney skipped the show after the 2008 John McCain debacle and sent wife Ann instead -- who was hammered by the hosts on abortion and why her sons didn't serve in the military. Walters asked her son Josh (sitting in the audience) if he agreed with brother Tagg that he’d like to take a swing at Barack Obama. (video below)

MRC's Scott Whitlock found a newsy tidbit from an April article in Variety magazine. Former Newsweek writer Ramin Setoodeh reported from a Barbara Walters interview that "The View" lost both its edgier political personalities -- right-leaning Elisabeth Hasselbeck and leftist insult comedienne Joy Behar -- due to network pressure on her and the show's producer Bill Geddie.

“These are not Barbara and Bill’s decisions,” Walters says. “The network is also involved. I think the feeling was if one went, both had to leave. We needed to shake things up.” It sounds like co-hosts from both sides may return in the fall:

With only weeks left before she retires, View co-host Barbara Walters on Wednesday found time to fawn over another liberal Democrat. The veteran journalist repeatedly hyped Senator Elizabeth Warren as a possible president. As though she were the politician's publicist, Walters enthused, "A small town, Oklahoma girl grows up, handles the challenges of being a young, single mother, practically a teenager. She becomes a Harvard Law professor, a congressional advisor, and then the first female senator in the history of Massachusetts." 

The host blurbed, "...Could her next move be the White House?" This was a topic Walter kept coming back to. Regarding a 2016 bid, she wondered, "What about the future? In the back of your mind, do you think maybe?" The journalist insisted that "some" are calling her "the future president" and "Hillary Clinton's nightmare." [See video below. MP3 audio here.] 

Fox News host Bill O’Reilly appeared on ABC’s The View on Wednesday April 16 and had some harsh words for incoming CBS late night host Stephen Colbert.

O’Reilly began his analysis by arguing that Colbert is “More than a comedian. He’s a mouthpiece for the far left.” to which co-host Barbara Walters rushed to Colbert’s defense and argued that “I mean he’s just a comedian. Isn’t that going a little far Bill? The rest of The View cast, including Jenny McCarthy jumped in and wondered if “conservatives will give him a chance?” [See video below.]

View co-host Barbara Walters, who admitted in 2009 that she had an affair with a married politician, weighed in on the scandal engulfing Republican Congressman Vance McAllister, caught on tape kissing a staffer.  Co-host and former Playboy model Jenny McCarthy joked about the surveillance footage: "You're in a government building. That's what a Motel 6 is for." 

This caused Walters to lecture on privacy: "Even when you're on the street, when you think, 'I can do whatever I want,' there are cameras everywhere now...It's a different world." In the 1970s, Walters had an affair with Senator Edward Brooke of Massachusetts.

Supposedly neutral journalist Barbara Walters dropped all pretense of objectivity on Wednesday, praising guest Anita Hill as her "heroine." The View co-host gushed over how "honored" she was to meet the woman who accused Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991. Walters allowed no tough questions of Hill, just queries about the "cost" of speaking out. 

The veteran journalist introduced her guest as though she were speaking of a world leader: "I would just like to say that I'm honored to be meeting you. I watched those hearings, as did so many other people. And to so many of us, you were our heroine." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Anchor Liz Wahl of Russia Today’s Washington, D.C. bureau abruptly resigned her position during a live broadcast this week because she said she “cannot be part of a network, funded by the Russian government, that whitewashes the actions of Putin.” However, ABC’s Barbara Walters was unimpressed by this young anchor’s brave stand.

On Thursday’s episode of The View, Walters responded to Wahl’s resignation with the haughtiness of a veteran journalist. She huffed, “I think what she did is fine, it's a personal choice, but don't make her a hero for protesting. She is working for the government.

The co-hosts of The View on Tuesday applauded Hillary Clinton for new revelations from the so-called “Hillary papers,” a journal of a deceased friend. The then-First Lady is quoted as questioning how she could have prompted her husband’s affair with Monica Lewinsky. Sherri Shepherd touted, “I have to applaud Hillary Clinton because she's not taking responsibility for it, but I think that shows a sign of maturity.” [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

She continued, “It's very, very easy to say, ‘100 percent he was a jerk. He did it all.’  It takes two people.” According to Shepherd, Mrs. Clinton “wondered, “What’s my accountability?”  Barbara Walters sympathetically spun, “One other thing that Hillary said “because bill's mother had died, that this was maybe one of the reasons that he” had an affair.


Returning to The View seven years after departing in an angry, liberal tirade, Rosie O'Donnell sat down with Barbara Walters and some of her former colleagues on Friday. Updating everyone on life since the show, she revealed that Parker, her now 18-year-old son, will be attending the Citadel. The 9/11 truther snapped, "...How do you annoy your left-wing liberal pacifist mother? You become a big military man." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

O'Donnell admitted she interrogated her son as to why he made such a decision and he responded, "Only in America, mom, could somebody like you who came from a horrible childhood, grow up and adopt kids like me who needed a family and I owe something to this country." In her typically loud tone, O'Donnell mock screamed, "No, my son. You owe something to me!"


Even the liberal hosts of The View seemed to understand just what a PR nightmare the President is facing after a Congressional Budget Office report declared that ObamaCare will likely cost the U.S. 2.3 million jobs. A graphic for the "hot topics" segment on Wednesday screamed, "The end of ObamaCare?' Whoopi Goldberg hyped, "There's a new bombshell, a new congressional report is landing right on top of ObamaCare." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]

Unsurprisingly, veteran journalist Barbara Walters attempted to defend Obama, citing presidents such as Harry Truman and Jimmy Carter who previously attempted universal health care. Walters sputtered, "This is -- I don't know what -- the mountain that they can't climb and reach the top. Every president has tried." But it was a non-political guest host who dismissed Walters's liberal defense.


For the second day in a row, ABC's The View on Tuesday featured a conservative female as a guest host. But Barbara Walters and the other co-anchors largely avoided politics as they welcomed Mary Katharine Ham. The Hot Air editor talked about her right-leaning views for a total of one minute. Then, the show shifted to the "hot topics" segments, including a discussion of the TV show The Bachelor, dieting and the drug addiction of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

During her brief window to discuss politics, Ham explained that she grew up in the "very liberal" Durham, North Carolina. She noted, "I went to public schools. Majority, minority districts and I had very up close experience with social programs and how they were working and who they were failing." Ham described her philosophy this way: "Look, when things get bigger, they get ineffective. When they get bigger, you can bully people easier." [See video below. MP3 audio here.]