In a pre-recorded interview, MSNBC host Joy Reid gave gun control activist Cameron Kasky an unchallenged forum to suggest that the NRA "loves" school shootings like Sandy Hook and Columbine, and also left the impression that background checks might have stopped Columbine even though three people broke the law to supply Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold with the guns they used in the 1999 attack.

On Saturday afternoon, during live coverage of the anti-gun March for Our Lives rally in D.C., CNN law enforcement analyst James Gagliano cited a discredited poll claiming that 97 percent of Americans want "universal background checks" while stating that he was "getting chills" from being at the National Mall where so many historic events in American history took place.

In the midst of Saturday’s so-called March for Our Lives gun control rally, MSNBC host Chris Matthews appeared with disgraced anchor Brian Williams to lecture gun-owning Americans about why they should expect to have “basic” restrictions applied to their right to keep and bear arms.

As anticipated, on Saturday CNN provided wall-to-wall coverage of the highly promoted March for Our Lives in Washington, DC. The march was portrayed as a revolutionary grassroots movement by left-leaning journalists, who coincidentally happened to share the views of the march’s organizers and speakers. 

Between long cuts to the so-called March for Our Lives rally to broadcast musical performances by leftist celebrities and obnoxious kids pushing gun control while accusing Republicans of being complicit with school shootings, MSNBC would chime in with their own cavalcade of left-wing political advocates cheering them on. During one such cut away, disgraced anchor Brian Williams and Al Sharpton boasted about how the kids were taking charge of their gun control efforts.

Saturday was marked the so-called March for Our Lives rally where gun control advocates descended on Washington, DC to call for restrictions on Americans’ gun rights. Liberal journalists rejoiced as the event allowed them to put aside the illusion they were objective reporters and become active participants. MSNBC start the day off with Ali Velshi and Alex Witt attacking the NRA by claiming they didn’t want safer schools, shamming politicians who received donations, and dismissing those who prayed for victims.

Giving viewers a preview of their gushy Saturday coverage for the pro-gun control March for Our Lives, NBC Nightly News willfully played the role of stenographer for the radical students and their incendiary leader David Hogg, touting the “massive,” “powerful,” and “remarkable” event akin to the Vietnam War protests even though it hasn’t even happened yet.

Don’t expect any balance or objectivity in how the media will cover Saturday’s March for Our Lives rally. What is actually a call for massive gun control was portrayed by NBC’s Today show on Friday as a “protest voice” to “teach the grown-ups a lesson.” 

Ahead of Saturday’s anti-gun, liberal media-supported March for Our Lives, Friday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom showed just how far left most of the network lies on the spectrum. “Fake news hypocrite” host Brooke Baldwin openly tag-teamed with the Michael Bloomberg-funded, pro-gun control Everytown for Gun Safety for over 14 minutes of discussion with families who’ve lost loved ones to gun violence but now demand gun control.

Here’s your daily reminder of how pathetic CNN has become. On Wednesday morning, pro-Second Amendment Parkland student Kyle Kashuv claimed that his long-awaited CNN interview was canceled just hours beforehand. He said that CNN cited a Clay Travis retweet calling out Brooke Baldwin for being a “fake news hypocrite.” Travis, of course, is the sports commentator who was booted off Baldwin’s CNN Newsroom in September for saying “boobs.”

Tuesday was marked by multiple tragedies, between the package bombings in and around Austin, Texas and a school shooting in Great Mills, Maryland. ABC didn't seem to want a good tragedy to go to waste, so their evening news broadcast used a portion of their school shooting coverage to promote a gun control march, which was planned to take place in Washington, D.C. later in the week.

Displaying the liberal cable channel’s eager anticipation for Saturday’s gun control protest in Washington D.C., the March for Our Lives, on Monday, MSNBC aired a gushing ad celebrating the movement to restrict gun rights.