MSNBC AM Joy Host Joy Reid appeared on Tuesday’s The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, where she bashed President Trump’s response to Hurricane Harvey. Playing the armchair psychologist, Reid said Trump lacked the ability to empathize or “understand” the depth of the “misery” the citizens of Houston, Texas are experiencing right now.

The front page of Wednesday’s New York Times was properly dominated by the damage Hurricane Harvey is wreaking in Texas. But reporters Simon Romero and Miriam Jordan took advantage of the tragedy to press the paper’s amnesty agenda in “An Uneasy Time for Immigrants, And Then the Rain Began to Fall.” Hinting headline aside, the Border Patrol was not conducting routine enforcement in shelters. But the reporters let the accusation linger. For the Times, the story is not so much about the danger posed of the hurricane as the imagined danger to illegal immigrants posed by the U.S. Border Patrol, even those patrol members sent in to help the relief effort.

During Tuesday’s edition of CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time, host Chris Cuomo showed off his New York grudge as he trashed Texas Senator Ted Cruz for his previous opposition to the pork-laden Sandy relief bill of 2012. “Conservative lawmakers, both Texas senators and every Texas Republican but one, ultimately voted against the bill,” Cuomo noted, insinuating that the shoe was on the other foot in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

Once again, someone in the liberal media has stepped up to show that nothing is sacred. Slate writer Katy Waldman sought to diminish and minimize the heroic actions and selflessness by everyday Americans in Houston during Hurricane Harvey because they don’t represent the true state of American discourse.

In the middle of one of the biggest natural disasters in the history of the United States, MSNBC’s questionable anchor Katy Tur couldn’t help but push the climate change agenda. Tur was interviewing Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D) on Tuesday when she made multiple dubious claims about climate science designed to stoke the fears of viewers.Tur’s first assertion was that we should probably do away with the term “hurricane season.”

On Tuesday, Politico and writer Annie Karni provided the latest installment of why people hate the media as she published a story entitled “Melania's stiletto sideshow,” symbolizing the media’s hissy fit when First Lady Melania Trump wore stilettos upon leaving Washington for the hurricane-ravaged Texas.

Since when did CNN reporter Jeff Zeleny become an amateur psychologist who can somehow determine the mental attitude of someone from a distance? Today Zeleny did his best to win CNN fake news accolades from his bosses by claiming that President Trump somehow displayed very little empathy for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Avowed socialist and liberal MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell insinuated on Monday’s The Last Word that Republicans are heartless on hurricane recovery funding due to simply who they are as people as exhibited by opposing Hurricane Sandy funding bill. With help from ex-Al Gore flack Ron Klain, the duo promoted their prediction that President Trump will fail in responding to Hurricane Harvey and maintaining a sufficient focus on the recovery efforts.

On Tuesday’s CNN New Day, reporters were eager to scold Republicans for daring to demand fiscally responsible disaster relief funding and fretted that such concerns would cause federal aid for Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey to become “mired” by congressional Republicans.

As Hurricane Harvey unleashed its terror on Texas, reporters braved the rain and wind to keep citizens informed of the danger. But that’s not all they did. Reporters from ABC, CBS and CNN also helped save lives – and one Weather Channel reporter even rescued an American flag.

CBS This Morning on Tuesday devoted two segments to hammering Donald Trump on Hurricane Harvey, wondering if the storm will derail his fall plans on taxes, building a wall and for any plans he had on ending the so-called Dreamer program. Additionally, the journalists again hit the President for visiting Texas too soon. 

There is some good in this world yet. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, some celebrities offered their prayers, anonymous donations, and links to fundraisers. However, others have used their fame and wealth to raise awareness for the victims of the storm. Roughly $1,888,977 has been donated to independent fundraisers created by actors, singers, and football players.