The NewsBusters Weekly Recap: October 14 to 20

The midterm elections are approaching and some members of the media are revving up their bias. MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann recently suggested that President Bush might be as big a threat as the terrorists. This was only a day after referring to conservative talk show hosts who visited the White House as the "Legion of Doom." CNN’s Jack Cafferty wondered if Karl Rove is planning an "October surprise" to salvage the Republicans’ chances in the midterm elections.

The print media have also offered unrestrained attacks from the left. A "Washington Post" report described House Speaker Dennis Hastert appearance as "a cross between Wildford Brimley and Jabba the Hutt." Nothing quite like objectivity, huh? A former "New York Times" bureau chief recently characterized the Christian right as "fascist." Perhaps he’d been chatting with "Newsweek" columnist Jonathan Alter. Alter told Don Imus he hoped the country has seen the last of "values voters."

The "Today" show fawned over Barack Obama, describing him as "electrifying" and a "rock star." This was on the same day that they giddily predicted a "perfect storm" to wipe out the Republicans in the midterms. Another early AM program, CNN’s "American Morning"encouraged author David Kuo to call for Christians to boycott the upcoming election.

The MRC’s Rich Noyes noted the striking similarity between a popular spoof of Madeline Albright’s dealings with North Korea and the real thing. Andy Rooney discussed the North Korean situation as well. He came to the conclusion that no country should have nuclear weapons, including America.

On the same network, reporter Byron Pitts linked a rise in violent crime with the Iraq war.

Also, is Bill Moyers a conservative? Bill Moyers apparently thinks so.

Finally, on the celebrity front, FNC host Bill O’Reilly appeared this week on ABC’s "The View." Co-host Rosie O’Donnell, when pressed by the Fox host, refused to say if she wants the United States to win in Iraq. Perhaps she’s an "undecided voter." For more on her appearance, click here.

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