George Will Schools Donna Brazile: America's 'Going To Be an Assisted Living Home With an Army'

January 27th, 2013 12:29 PM

ABC and CNN contributor Donna Brazile - posing as one of Barack Obama's trusted defenders in the media like she always does! - got a much-needed education Sunday about the President's profligate spending.

Countering Brazile's propaganda on ABC's This Week, George Will said, "A dollar spent on A cannot be spent on B...This is our future. We're going to be an assisted living home with an Army. That's going to be the American government" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

CONGRESSMAN DAVID SCHWEIKERT (R-ARIZONA): You know, well, being one of those people who is on the conservative side, I think often you get painted as "you don't love and care for people." I desperately love people. But even in your article, Chris, there was a section there where the president's talking about sort of stabilizing debt. Well, if you actually look at what's really going on in the charts, Medicare, the Medicare trust fund may be empty in 40 months. That's loving and saving people, dealing with really uncomfortable issues like that, instead of living in a world of rhetorical, you know...

DONNA BRAZILE: But, Congressman, the problem is, in Washington, D.C., it's your way or the highway. I mean, the Republicans won't touch taxes, and the Democrats don't want to touch entitlements.

SCHWEIKERT: But that's not true. We just touched taxes. The sequestration's touching the fence. At some point, it's great rhetoric, but it's not reality.

Indeed. Why is it Obama's shills in the media refuse to report the truth to the American people and instead insist on disseminating propaganda?

BRAZILE: But, also, the reality is that discretionary spending is at its lowest since 1953 and that under this president we have addressed spending cuts and we are...


SCHWEIKERT: No, we have touched -- we have touched...


SCHWEIKERT: ... discretionary, because mandatory -- Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, interest on the debt, veterans' benefits -- are where the explosion is.

BRAZILE: Aging population, of course.


CHRIS HUGHES, FACEBOOK CO-FOUNDER: But I think he's been very clear. The administration, the president in particular, has gone to the table for a grand bargain several times and it seems that the -- much of the Republican caucus in the House has not -- has not accepted some of the sacred cows that the administration has put on the table. The president again talks about this in the interview in detail.

RADDATZ: George, quick.

GEORGE WILL: Again, I come back to the rule of life. A dollar spent on A cannot be spent on B. You wonder why discretionary spending is so low? Because nondiscretionary spending on entitlements is crowding out the Marine Corps, scientific research, everything else. And this is our future. We're going to be an assisted living home with an Army. That's going to be the American government.

Sad but true.

If the mainstream media would consistently report it rather than the White House's talking points, maybe our political leaders would start seriously trying to balance the budget instead of spending the nation into bankruptcy.