Tony Blankley Sarcastically Says to Rude and Dismissive Al Sharpton 'You Are a Very Polite Gentleman'

MSNBC's Al Sharpton on Friday was being tremendously rude and dismissive to his guest the always well-mannered Tony Blankley.

So discourteous was Sharpton that at the end of the discussion, Blankley sarcastically said, "You are a very polite gentleman" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

AL SHARPTON, HOST: What is the plan of the Tea Party to create jobs?

TONY BLANKLEY: Look, the Tea Party has two policies they are trying to get. They want to reduce the debt and they want to reduce the size of government.

SHARPTON: How do you produce jobs?

BLANKLEY: Let me at least finish a couple of sentences. The fundamental problem and the reason why the public is so alienated that the entire political class obviously doesn’t have an answer to these problems, and we are getting more and more scared everyday. And the Tea Party is one voice. They are representing a lot of populist sentiments. You’ve got progressives on the other side having another voice. Nobody is coming up with a convincing policy prescription. That’s why the country is so scared.

SHARPTON: Oh, I got it. So I ask you and Joe was quiet and I was quiet, what is the Tea Party’s plan and you just spent the minute telling me about how nobody had a plan. So, I guess the answer is: the Tea Party has no plan.

BLANKLEY: I told you --

SHARPTON: It reminds me of James Brown my mentor. James Brown used to say, it's like a dog knife, Tony -- it just can’t cut it. You’re talking loud and saying nothing.

BLANKLEY: You are a very polite gentleman.

How pathetic.

Is this really what MSNBC is striving for in the 6PM time slot opposite Fox News's highly acclaimed "Special Report?"

On Thursday, Report trounced MSNBC Live attaining four times the viewership in the all important demographic aged 25-54.

It appears that I'm not the only one in America that thinks this show with the perilously biased Sharpton as host is totally unwatchable.

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