San Francisco Officials Mock Fox News; Doocy Blasts Cuomo's 'Misnomer' Claim on Sanctuary Cities

July 15th, 2015 12:42 PM

Wednesday's Fox and Friends spotlighted how two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors treated a Fox News Channel journalist with contempt, after he tried asking them about their sanctuary city policy. The footage, which was first featured on Tuesday's O'Reilly Factor, showed how board member Katy Tang cursed at the journalist, and colleague Scott Weiner refused to answer his question. Weiner repeatedly claimed that "Fox News is not real news." [video below]

Host Steve Doocy later zeroed in on how anchor Chris Cuomo at competitor network CNN asserted that the term "sanctuary city" was a "misnomer" on Monday's New Day. Doocy mocked CNN as "the Cuomo news network," and added, "So that's what you get on the real news channel over there."

The Fox News anchor noted that "it was two weeks ago today that Francisco Sanchez, an illegal in San Francisco – specifically, because that was a sanctuary city – murdered Kate Steinle...There have been some hard questions since then posed by the Steinle family...about the murder – particularly, focusing on the fact that he specifically said he went to San Francisco because it was a sanctuary city."

Doocy then ran the clips of the unidentified Fox News correspondent interviewing Tang and Weiner, along with board of supervisors member Jane Kim, who contended that "the issue here is gun control. No individual with that type of record should be able to access, or be able to have possession of a gun." Sanchez actually stole the gun from the vehicle of a federal agent, so gun control wouldn't have stopped him from getting his weapon.

The anchor, along with substitute hosts Ainsley Earhardt and Ed Henry, then blasted the city officials for their contemptuous response to the questions:

STEVE DOOCY: Because the real news channels, apparently, are not following this story-

ED HENRY: How about you just answer the question?

DOOCY: Haven't picked it up, because it's troubling-

AINSLEY EARHARDT: I agree with you. It's not a partisan issue, first of all. This is a young American who was killed by an illegal – a repeat offender – first. Secondly, I agree with you: why not just answer the question? You're paid on taxpayer dime. You have an obligation to the community to answer the question-

HENRY: And if you don't like Fox, then move on – say, here's the answer, and then move on.

EARHARDT: Exactly!

HENRY: And if we don't like the answer, shame on-

EARHARDT: On behalf of Kate – it has nothing to do with Fox News. Give Kate's family some answers.

HENRY: Her family has been through so much.

EARHARDT: Absolutely-

DOOCY: Absolutely. Well, it's a trick of the left. What they do is they – when – when faced with something uncomfortable, they change the subject. Gun control – obviously, they bring that up. And then, they call names. Oh, Fox News not real.


Doocy launched his attack on CNN and Cuomo near the end of the segment:

DOOCY: Well, if you want a real news channel, you turn over to CNN – the Cuomo news network (Henry laughs) – where Chris Cuomo, in an extraordinary interchange, was confronted by a guest. They were talking about sanctuary cities, and Chris Cuomo was essentially saying that sanctuary cities – that is a misnomer. They're not really safe havens – which, of course, we all know is true. Listen to Mr. Cuomo right here.

MICHAEL COHEN: These sanctuaries on the border that allow illegals to stay – and, if in fact that they end up getting caught, they cannot deport them-

CHRIS CUOMO: You're talking about sanctuary cities that exist all over the country?

COHEN: Yeah, sanctuary cities – that's correct-

CUOMO: That's a misnomer. Those are cities that are in disputes with ICE about how you deal with people that they're holding – that they keep getting sued-

COHEN: They're part of the United States! You can't be in dispute with the federal government-

CUOMO: But they're not safe havens the way you're describing.

COHEN: They most certainly are safe havens.

CUOMO: They are not.

EARHARDT: They are. It's that policy. He admitted it – the suspect admitted that that's why he was there-

HENRY: Right-

DOOCY: Right-

EARHARDT: Because it was a safe haven for him.

HENRY: If they don't exist, how did Kate Steinle die?

EARHARDT: Exactly-

HENRY:  I mean, it's shocking-

EARHARDT: Why is he still in our country after being deported so many times? Sanctuary cities.

DOOCY: So that's what you get on the real news channel over there.