After a whirlwind week in Washington, D.C. with the liberal media pouncing on every Trump news development as if it was the final nail in his presidency, CNN’s ‘ridiculous figure’ Brian Stelter and Anderson Cooper attacked conservative media for not sharing their excitement. “Downplay, deflect and deny. Conservative media types are at it again, whipping up alternative theories to explain away the threat that James Comey poses to President Trump,” Stelter chastised on Anderson Cooper 360 Thursday night. 

During the opening monologue of his eponymous ABC late-night comedy show Wednesday, Jimmy Kimmel crudely joked that President Trump could shoot dead one of the three co-hosts on the Fox News Channel’s Fox & Friends and still have the other two’s full support.

On Friday, a new Media Research Center study by Mike Ciandella and Rich Noyes made the rounds on multiple Fox News Channel (FNC) and Fox Business Network (FBN) programs, topped off by a Noyes appearance on FBN’s Cavuto: Coast to Coast.

Tuesday, the press focused on whether Mevlut Mert Altintas, who assassinated Andrei Karlov, Russia's ambassador to Turkey on Monday in Ankara, acted alone or was, in the words of Russia's Vladimir Putin, "directed." There will almost certainly be similar speculation over the driver of the "truck that mowed down the crowd on Monday, killing at least 12 people" in Berlin, Germany, if and when he is captured.

The Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) have completely ignored the latest development in the V.A. scandal. On Monday, USA Today’s Donovan Slack reported that over the summer the V.A. “quietly stopped sharing data on the quality of care at its facilities with a national database for consumers despite a 2014 law requiring the agency to report more comprehensive statistics to the site so veterans can make informed decisions about where to seek care.” 

So far, none of the broadcast networks have reported on this latest development.

As of Thursday afternoon, the Big Three networks, along with CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News, have yet to air one segment or news brief on the Associated Press's Wednesday report that spotlighted that "the names of CIA personnel could have been hackers who may have penetrated Hillary Clinton's private computer server or the State Department system." There were only passing mentions of the AP scoop on Thursday's Fox & Friends on Fox News Channel, and by a conservative guest on Wednesday's Anderson Cooper 360 on CNN.

Appearing as a guest on Wednesday's Fox and Friends, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke slammed "liberal Democrat mayors" for mishandling crime and the economy in their cities, and accused Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton of "pandering" to black voters in a recent appearance on a radio show, as he asserted that her behavior is "dehumanizing, it's embarrassing, it's disgusting. If any other candidate were to say something like that, some stereotype about black people, it would derail their campaign. But the rules seem different for the Clintons."

Wednesday's Fox and Friends spotlighted how two members of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors treated a Fox News Channel journalist with contempt, after he tried asking them about their sanctuary city policy. Host Steve Doocy later zeroed in on how anchor Chris Cuomo at competitor network CNN asserted that the term "sanctuary city" was a "misnomer" on Monday's New Day. Doocy mocked CNN as "the Cuomo news network," and added: "So that's what you get on the real news channel over there."

Geraldo Rivera hates it whenever any one around him refers to people illegally crossing the border as “illegals.” On Monday’s edition of Outnumbered he challenged FNC’s Ainsley Earhardt when she dared to use that phrase in his presence. Rivera barked: “Every time you say ‘illegals,’ it’s like fingernails on a black board!”

Well Earhardt, along with a few of her co-panelists, fought back against Rivera’s insistence that the border-crossers were “law-abiding.” (video after the jump)

When a group of about 200 doctors gathered in D.C. on Thursday, October 1, to demonstrate against the public option and in favor of tort reform and free market-based solutions, FNC’s Hannity show highlighted the group’s activities, as host Sean Hannity introduced a story by correspondent Ainsley Earhardt on how "doctors from around the country converged on Washington, D.C. today to protest the President's plan to overhaul health care." David Asman and Liz Claman of Fox Business Network even interviewed one participant in the rally – known as the Million Med March – on the same day. On FBN, Dr. Todd Rubin conveyed his fears that a public option would lead to a single-payer system. Rubin: "Eventually, if the bills that are currently presented pass as is written, what will we be left with will be a single-payer-dominated health insurer, and that will be the federal government." Video of the interview can be found here.

When the White House staged a photo-op on Monday with 150 doctors who support ObamaCare, ABC’s World News anchor Charles Gibson touted the event later that day. Gibson: "The doctors were in the house – 150 of them in the White House today, all in white lab coats. It was a show of support for President Obama’s efforts at health care reform."

And NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams got to the story on Tuesday as he defended President Obama from charges that it was the White House that supplied lab coats for the doctors to wear for the photo-op. Williams: "Today's New York Post took issue with a photo from yesterday of a White House staffer passing out lab coats. The White House was accused of staging the photo op. Turns out the doctors group provided the extra lab coats for anyone who forgot to bring one along."

On Thursday's Hannity show, Sean Hannity hosted a special edition of his program -- titled "The Valley That Hope Forgot" -- in Huron, California, where drought-stricken farmers are suffering because the federal government continues to withhold water to save endangered fish, leaving tens of thousands of farm workers standing in line for hours at food banks. As the show aired amidst a rally of farm workers, correspondent Ainsley Earhardt informed viewers that conditions have worsened since she last reported from the area in April.

Then, actor Alan Autry, a former Republican mayor of Fresno who is also famous for starring in the television series In the Heat of the Night, slammed President Obama for refusing to intervene. As he recounted post-9/11 fears that al-Qaeda would target the water supply to hurt American agriculture, Autry observed that the conditions created by the federal government by intentionally withholding water are similar to what he would have expected in the aftermath of a terror attack. Autry:

One of the things we were charged with by the federal government was to work together locally to protect the water supply to farming communities so they could continue to provide food for the nation. Now, if you would have told me that those – that water would have stopped, I would have believed maybe al-Qaeda struck, not the federal government.

In today's "It's All Fun Until Somebody Gets Hurt" segment, Fox News's Ainsley Earhardt had an interesting interview on Saturday with a business and financial analyst who appeared to be a tad smitten with the FNC correspondent.

For her part, although she asked at the end of the segment, "Is he hitting on me on live TV," Earhardt seemed to be just as flirtatious with guest Uri Man.

Maybe she was aware of his recent appearance on Bravo's "Millionaire Matchmaker."

With this in mind, for your entertainment pleasure on a summer Sunday, you decide who was hitting on whom (video embedded below the fold, h/t Justin McCarthy):