The View’s Most Hateful Rants Attacking the Right In 2020

January 1st, 2021 12:57 PM

2020 was President Trump’s final year in office, yet The View hosts didn’t temper their rage or make any less absurd hot takes about the president and his supporters because of it. With Republican co-host Meghan McCain out for the last quarter of the year due to being blessed with a baby, there were even less checks on the liberal hosts’ outrageously biased analysis against the right than usual. Here is this year’s roundup of the political talk show hosts’ most hateful comments about Trump, his supporters, and conservatives in general.


Trump 'Suggesting' Kids Drink Bleach, Like Nazi Death Camp Doctor

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Well, I have to say the reason that the story is still in the news is if you have little kids, you have to constantly explain to them, no you cannot drink bleach. You cannot do this....You know, the last person that really even suggested anyone use bleach was a man called Dr. Mengele, and he did bad things to people. So we don't discuss bleach.

-Claiming President Trump directed Americans to drink bleach to kill COVID-19, The View April 27, 2020.


Smearing Lockdown Protesters as Terrorists: 'Terrorists' 'Bring Guns'

JOY BEHAR: These people are being egged on by right wing media. People like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh....And why are you bringing guns to a rally? You want to call yourself protesters, leave your guns home. Those are terrorists who bring guns to things. To rallies. I don’t trust that at all. And don’t listen to these people.

-Speaking about lockdown protesters across country on The View, April 20, 2020.


Conservatives Should 'Sacrifice' Family 'To Die' If They Want to Reopen Economy



WHOOPI GOLDBERG: You compared it [the virus] to World War II calling it a sacrifice for the American way of life. So I'm asking, since you're suggesting that I sacrifice, who are you sacrificing?

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Whoopi, we're all going to give up--

WHOOPI: Who are you willing to give up in your family?

CHRISTIE: It's a choice. That's what people don't understand what was said. We have 36.5 million people unemployed. We have in seven different states now the suicide rate going up---

WHOOPI: Who are you willing to sacrifice to die, Chris? You're saying people should be willing to sacrifice family to die. Who are you willing to give up?

-Berating Republicans as killers for wanting to reopen economy, The View, May 15, 2020


Protesters Defying Whitmer Must ‘Sign Away Their Rights’ to Virus Treatment

BEHAR: Well, I would like to ask them if they're willing to sign away their right to treatment if and when they get infected. Are you going to say, Ok, I don't need a ventilator because I thought I should go out and defy the governor's order, okay? And I would like to know if people in states who are following the guidelines like us in New York, can be sure that these people don't come here....Again, do you say ‘I won't get the treatment if I get the virus’? That's my question.

-The ViewApril 16, 2020


Trump Supporters Looked Like KKK Murderers Surrounding Biden Bus

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: That looked like a scene out of Mississippi Burning. You know, when trucks, or when trucks and cars surrounded people who are trying to drive. It was really freaky to see...With what I've been seeing, his supporters have given me a flashback as I said and when they talk about, we think there's going to be some issues happening, you know, who do they think is going to start this? I haven't seen Biden flags trapping anybody. I haven't seen any --- Am I crazy guys? When you saw this caravan, did you remind you of a '50s thing as well? 

-Smearing Trump supporters as racist murderers on The View, November 2, 2020


Trump Admin Must Go On AOC's Enemies List

SUNNY HOSTIN: I don't think those people should be able to profit from their experience within the Trump administration. I don't think they should be forgotten. I don’t think we should look the other way. I think we need to remember because if you don't remember things then past becomes prologue. I do think people need to be held accountable for their actions and um I don't think it's reminiscent of McCarthyism at all. 

-Sunny Hostin supporting Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's suggestion that Trump 'sycophants' be placed on an enemies list, The View, November 10, 2020.


Losing It Over 'Racist' Limbaugh Getting Award: 'Supposed to Go to People Who Actually Did Stuff'

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: I’m sorry, but I thought the medal of honor, freedom, was supposed to go, to people who actually did stuff.


JOY BEHAR: [H]e's been so racist and so misogynistic over the years, to give him -- who's next? Roger Stone? How about giving it to him or Steve Bannon!


SUNNY HOSTIN: I don't think it was lost on the black community that he gave that honor to Rush Limbaugh during black history month, sitting next to a Tuskegee airman on Rosa Parks' day while Rush Limbaugh was a long-time birther, during the Obama administration, played that magic Negro on his show several times. So, you know don't talk to me about what you've done for the black community!

-The View on Limbaugh receiving Presidential Medal of Freedom Award, February 5, 2020.