12 Nutty NewsBusters Blogs from the Liberal Media’s Kavanaugh Character Assassination


NYT Deems Kavanaugh ‘A Jerk’; MSNBC’s Joy Rules Confirmation Equals Racism

Our New York Times whisperer Clay Waters was an indispensable source from Kavanaugh’s nomination to confirmation. His October 6 dispatch didn’t disappoint as he tore into an article by Elizabeth Williamson and a staff editorial that took liberal tilts.

Williamson blasted Utah Republican Senator Orrin Hatch for having “waggled his fingers dismissively” at an anti-Kavanaugh protester while treating the leftist mob like care. As for the editorial, The Times called him “a jerk” who’s faced “credible accusations of sexual assault.”

As the Senate voted to confirm Kavanaugh, Scott Whitlock flagged down MSNBC’s Joy Reid trashing America as having been founded on “the idea that being a free white” man equals exclusive power with Mitch McConnell sees himself as a rule while “Democrats tend to believe in governing.”

Reid added:

This is Mitch McConnell’s rule. He is restoring order as he and people like him understand it. And they will impose it on the people like those people who are protesting. Women who are shrieking out in agony, saying “You cannot impose this on us, you can't send us back to the 50s.” But Mitch McConnell says, “Yes I can, I can impose order on you.”


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