On Hannity, Bozell Blasts ABC for Backing Sitcom on Anti-Religious Bigot Dan Savage

May 14th, 2015 11:58 PM

Media Research Center President Brent Bozell joined Sean Hannity on his eponymous Fox News Channel (FNC) program Thursday evening and ripped ABC for deciding to air a sitcom this fall that’s loosely based on the life of anti-religious bigot Dan Savage. 

The segment began with Hannity providing a brief synopsis of the upcoming show (titled The O’Neals) and highlighting how “several high-profile Christian groups and leaders have called for ABC to immediately pull the plug on Savage's new show.” 

After viewers were provided numerous examples of vile comments made by the far-left activist and sex columnist, Bozell pointed out how difficult it is to simply air many of Savage’s foul comments on television since “you have to bleep out everything he says.”

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Bozell also made sure to cite how Savage has uttered some lewd comments about current Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson and 2012 GOP candidate Rick Santorum:

You know, he said about Rick Santorum that he wished he was – he wanted to F the F out of him. He has said to, about Ben Carson, he wanted to perform oral sex on him. He has made the most vicious comments about people where he wants them dead. 

Despite all that, Bozell noted that Savage is someone who “is now being celebrated by The [Walt] Disney Corporation.” Next, the MRC President added the swelling opposition to Savage at the grass-roots level:

You know, Sean, we know of 35,000 petitions that have been sent to the board of ABC and of Disney. We know of 20,000 postcards, 10,000 phone calls that have been made. And what everyone's getting back is the proverbial middle finger from the Disney corporation. They want this hate-filled bigot on television. 

When asked by Hannity why the network that’s linked to Mickey Mouse is still putting Savage’s program on the air despite an outcry, Bozell responded:

Sean, I do think they know. They I think they know why Fox succeeds. I think they know why Phil Robertson succeeds. They can't stand you. They can't stand the message coming from Fox. They can't stand the message coming from Phil Robertson and it's a market economics. If they wanted to do better, they would simply emulate it. Notice how they're going in the opposite direction and, you’re right, they’re flaming out. The numbers are cratering and this is why.